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Traveling With Sex Toys


Traveling With Sex Toys?

What You Need to Know

Traveling with sex toys - Tips From Little Shop of O'sJack* got briefly detained on his way onto a cross-country flight. A TSA screener pulled him aside for a rather ominous looking curved steel bar and heavy-duty metal spring in his carry-on luggage.

“It’s a fitness device, like a gravity chair,” he said.

The screener unzipped his suitcase to take a peek at the item in question in his suitcase.

“Would you like me to pull it out and show you what it looks like?” he offered.

The screener passed on his cooperative offer, zipped up the bag, and sent him on his way to the gate.

It wasn’t exactly wise of Jack to pass off his sex swing as a “fitness device” (it’s always best to be honest when questioned about items in your baggage), but traveling with some sex toys can be problematic.

According to a TSA spokesperson, there are no restrictions on traveling with sex toys on airplanes. However, the spokesperson suggested, “It’s best to put chains in checked baggage as they can be considered weapons along the lines of whips.”

The TSA spokesperson didn’t acknowledge urban legends of bomb-sniffing dogs being called out to inspect vibrators going off in luggage.  The spokesperson assured, “It is okay to leave the batteries inside.”

Keep in mind that it doesn’t take long for vibrators or motors to wear out if they’re accidentally turned on for hours. It’s best to take out the batteries and pack them separately.

Travel With Sex Toys Tips

JimmyJane offers tips on traveling with vibrators . It, too, recommends removing batteries from vibrators when traveling. It also suggests to turn the lock feature on vibrators with rechargeable batteries like on its Form vibrators.

While the TSA spokesperson said, “There is no size restriction,” for vibrators , dongs, and dildos, JimmyJane’s travel advisory states, “Though TSA squashed reports of a 7″ limit, they have recommended people stay clear of packing larger ‘club-like’ pleasure products in their carry on.”

If you’re not sure if a sex toy can go in carry-on luggage or must be checked, run it through the “Can I Bring My…” query on the TSA website.

Jack said that he and his lady friend plan to ship their sex swing and other kinky gear to their destination the next time they travel.

Also, remember TSA’s restrictions on traveling with liquids. Containers must not contain more than 3.4 ounces of fluid, and all liquids must be contained in one one-quart zipper-lock see-through bag. Some lubes and massage oils come in TSA-compliant containers.

If you stock up on economy-size bottles of lube or massage oil, pour some into travel-size bottles. They can be found in most health and beauty stores and departments. Single-use packets of lube take up the least amount of space.

Massage candles are a great way of getting around TSA’s liquid restrictions. Get a gift pack of small size tins that don’t take up much room in your bag.

Some cruise lines have more stringent guidelines than TSA of what cannot be brought on its ships. Many travel bloggers say that Carnival has the most restrictive list of items, and handcuffs are on it.

One couple, Marcy* and Roy*, found out the hard way.

“Roy had some surprises for me and one got confiscated by Carnival security — pink furry handcuffs,” Marcy said. “They had to destroy them. We couldn’t get them back. Riding crop, flogger, dildos, etc., all fine to keep. They saw it all. But no handcuffs.”

While they don’t have the same look and feel as handcuffs, silky sash restraints are a great alternative for those times you want to get tied up in the cabin.

*Names changed to protect the not-so-innocent.