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Sex Up Your Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into your secret sexy getaway

Turn your bedroom to a sensual sex spa.Turning your bedroom into a hot, sensual environment will go a long way in getting your libido in high gear. There is no right look when it comes to creating a sexy spot in your bedroom. That’s something that you can plan with your partner and have it be a sensual reflection of yourselves. And guys, just don’t leave the planning to your woman. This is your room, too. While you’re discussing paints, sheets and furniture, here are some details to keep in mind while designing your secret sexy getaway.

Pin down some ideas.

Start a private Pinterest board just for the two of you.  Ladies, you probably have to take the lead here and then invite your men to view ideas you found. There are several, probably hundreds of boards, with sexy bedroom design inspirations. Or just do a search for “sexy bedroom”. You’ll find tons of pictures. Some pins have direct links to websites where you can check out and order the items you want.

Get thread bare.

The next sexiest thing to the feel of your lover’s skin are 100% cotton high thread count sheets. The higher the thread count, preferably 450 to 650, the softer the sheets will be. One hundred percent cotton just doesn’t feel good against the skin, but it wicks moisture away from your body when the temperature in the room and lovemaking gets hot. And believe it or not, cotton sheets are a whole lot sexier when it comes to satin sheets on a practical level. Satin gets slippery, which can make it difficult to stay safe and comfortable in some positions.

Soft and firm.

Even if you don’t have the perfect mattress, invest in heavily quilted mattress pad. They’re a relatively inexpensive way to make your bed much more comfortable. The same goes for bed and throw pillows, too. Your bed should feel like a place where the both of you feel luxuriated.

Faux fur is really sexy.

Again, hot sex is all about indulgent sensations. Laying on or being covered with a soft faux fur throw can add a bit of sensual stimulation, especially if the action leads to the bedroom floor. 🙂

Get thrown under the rug.

If you have hardwood floors, throw a couple of soft rugs on the side of the bed. They’ll be soft on your bare feet when you get out of bed and they’ll help soften and dampen noises in the room – especially the noises the two of you make when you’re in the throes of passion.

Can the lights.

Overhead lighting is notoriously unflattering. There’s nothing sexy about a well-lit room. You want shadows, highlights, and the soft glow of filtered light. Place lamps with ivory shades on each side of your bed, and make sure the bulbs are no more than 60 watts. For even more impact, replace white bulbs with pink-tinted bulbs. Everybody looks good in this light.

Dim the lights more, but not the mood.

Candlelight should be part of the mix, too, especially scented massage candles. Scents like musk, sandalwood, lavender and ylang ylang stimulate erotic energy.

Color me sexy.

Brown may not be the sexiest color in the crayon box, but it, along with other pigment-neutral shades, can be warm and comforting. It’s appealing to both men and women when paired with black, gold and pewter. Remember that your bedroom should be appealing to both of you. Red and purple are colors of passion, but they can be a bit startling if you use too much of them. Save them for accents like pillows or throw blankets for maximum effect.

Mirror Images.

The above-the-bed mirror that were popular in the ‘70’s are tacky, but if you have a big, bare wall across the bed, a decoratively framed full-length mirror can be  erotic and fun to watch yourselves. Plus, large well-placed mirrors can expand your room and provide a good look at yourself when you’re getting dressed. Every bedroom needs one. Make the most of it.

Keep things clutter-free.

Even if you don’t have the cash for a decorating job, keeping your bedroom clutter-free is something you can do for no cost at all. Keeping your bedroom free of junk lying on the floors and dressers just feels more relaxing and keeps your mind and eyes off things that might distract you from your partner.

Window (un)dressing.

Room-darkening curtains and shades will soften your room in a plushy way. They not only look nicer than just plain covered windows, but they leave your options open to how you want to let the sunshine in or keep prying eyes out of your bedroom.

Box yourself in.

Place some decorative boxes on your nightstand or arrange some larger ones next to your bed for a discreet and convenient place to store your lubes, sex toys, massage lotions and bondage gear. It’s a great way to keep these things close at hand and give your room a tasteful, decorative touch in a useful way. If you want to be super discreet, get a plastic under the bed storage box. Some even come with convenient rollers on the bottom of the box. 🙂

Turn off the TV.

We’re not suggesting to take the TV out of the bedroom. It can be fun for watching porn or your favorite late-night television show after you’ve spent time together. Make it a policy not to turn it on first thing in the evening. It will take away an opportunity to focus on each other. And by all means, keep it off when you’re messing up the sheets together.

Serve up some fun.

A serving tray is a must for champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in the evening or coffee and croissants in the morning. Dinner in bed can be sexy, too.