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Sensual Sensation Play – Pleasure and Pain

Has your sex life gotten a little too routine?

Want to spice things up with your lover? Or maybe you sex life is already really hot but you are always looking to add some variety to keep your partner guessing?

Try adding a little sensation play!

Sensual sex play, adult toys, AustinAsk any BDSM kinkster, and they’ll tell you that sensation play is a favorite activity in their sex life. However, sensation play is a great way to amp up sexual play for more vanilla lovers, too.

When you’re sexually aroused, all of your sensations are heightened — taste, smell and especially touch. Massage is a great pre-foreplay way to pamper your lover, get your body relaxed and limber, and de-stress your mind so you can focus on and enjoy sex more. Using a massage lotion or oil is a must. Feeling your lover’s hands glide all over your body is oh-so-sexy, and feeling your bodies slide and slide in sync while you’re making love is even sexier. Most massage oils are scented and make your relaxing experience even more enjoyable. They also leave your skin feeling soft and smelling nice – a pleasant day-long reminder of your time together. Some have a warming sensation when they’re rubbed into skin.

Sensation play toys can be something as simple as using things around the house like a silk scarf or a clean, fluffy waxing mitt. And remember that food scene in 9½ Weeks ? One of our favs. 🙂

Feathers aren’t just for tickling.

A lot of people don’t like to be tickled during sex or sensation play, but feathers aren’t just for tickling! For as tacky and campy feather boas  can be, they’re so much fun to drag and twist around your lover’s body for a hypnotically soothing feeling. When it comes to picking out a plume of feathers on a wand, don’t skimp. A few synthetic tiny feathers on a stick doesn’t do anything. Look for something that has a dense plume of real down feathers that will make your lover like he or she is floating on a cloud.

Sex toys for sensation play.

There are also sex toys that are great for sensation play, especially glass dildos and anal plugs. They can be chilled in the refrigerator or dipped in hot water. Some are even blown in molded into unusual shapes, curves and textures. Aluminum sex toys are also great for retaining cold and heat.

Don’t forget the nipples!

Lots of people, but not everyone, like to have their nipples played with. Go beyond sucking, biting and pinching with a pair of nipple clamps. The best and most popular kinds are alligator clamps. They have rubber tips that are comfortable on skin and knobs to adjust the level of pressure. You can easily adjust the sensation by pulling on a chain. Some come with weights, and why not make the most of those sensitive nerve endings with vibrating nipple clamps? And remember that women aren’t the only ones who like their nipples toyed with and pleased. Nipples are loaded with nerve endings on both men and women.

Blindfolds & Restraints

Wearing a blindfold so you can’t see how what’s going on forces you to focus on how parts of your body respond to touch, taste or smell. Blindfolds also add a sense of danger by challenging yourself to do something daring. Can you trust your partner to keep things pleasurable? Don’t have a blindfold? A long silky scarf will do in a pinch.

Restraints are a great way to force your partner to focus on heightened sensual pleasures. They can be something as impromptu as having your wrists or ankles tied with ties or scarves. If you want to get really naughty with handcuffs, use pair that are covered in furry fabric or leather that won’t hurt, cut into, or leave marks on your skin. Sportsheets’ Under the Bed Restraint System are great to use if you don’t have a suitable headboard or footboard on your bed. The Velcro cuffs are comfortable on wrists and ankles and are easy to take off in a hurry.

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Whips, floggers and paddles aren’t just about pain.

Whips, floggers and paddles can be stroked along your lover’s body in pleasurable ways, too. Switch things up to keep your partner guessing whether they’re going to be whipped, spanked or rewarded. When done right, your partner won’t be able to differentiate what’s pleasure or pain. Plus, pain is a great arousal and orgasm inducer.

Remember to use and honor safe words when engaging in pain or any other kind of BDSM play. The most universal safe words are green (Go on, I like this.), yellow (Slow down, take it easy.) and red (Stop, immediately.).

Floggers in rubber, suede, leather, or a combination of leather and suede or leather and rabbit fur are great for this kind of play.

Add wood, leather, silicone, and stainless steel to your collection of paddles. They each give a meaty rump a different sensation when stroked, rubbed or a sharp flick of the wrist.

Avoid boring and routine sex.

One of our favorite sensation play is to have one partner spread eagle on the bed with hands and feet restrained. They would also wear a blindfold and have ear buds in that are connected to an iPod with hot sultry music. The restrained partner cannot see or hear their lover at all. Their lover then proceeds to do any variety of things to arouse them; massage, kissing, licking, sucking, gentle biting, pinching and/or spanking. They could use a combination of toys and other items like: crops, floggers, vibrators, dildos, ice cubes, wax, edible body dust, food, whip cream etc..

As you tease your restrained lover, every once in a while get very close to their ear, (talk louder so they can hear your over their music) and say something dirty to ramp them up even more.  This process will get the giving lover just as aroused as their retrained partner. You can carry for as long as you want. We guarantee that when you finally make your lover climax, it will be well worth the wait for both of you. Not only is this a really fun why to make your lover feel fantastic, they will be willing to do most anything to pleasure you after you have finished worshiping and pleasuring their body.

Whether you decide to try a couple of these suggestions, or go all out and create a toy chest to pick and choose from, many partners find introducing more variety and play into their sex life exciting and invigorating. Nothing kills your desire to get frisky with your lover more than boring and routine sex. When you both look for new techniques and toys to try with each other, you sex becomes much more exciting and you’ll always look forward to your next sexcapade together!