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Pick the Right Lube for Your Sex Toys

Pick the Right Lube for Your Sex Toys

Pick the right lube for your sexual intimacy with Little Shop of O's online sex shop!Lube is lube, right? Nope, especially when it comes to using the right lube with your sex toy. Lube is a must-have for sex toy play. Not only does lube make play time more fun and slippery, but it’s the best way to prevent friction and soreness.

Generally speaking, water-based lubes  are the safest to use with most  sex toys. They glide well and are easy to clean off the toy and other surfaces like sheets and clothing. However, water-based lubes have a tendency to dry out quickly, absorb into skin and toys, and sometimes have to be reapplied.

Many people are big fans of silicone lubes for their slightly thicker and longer-lasting consistencies. They’re also a must if you take your sex toy in the water since water-based lubes will wash away in the water. Keep in mind that, since silicone lubes last longer, sex toys will need a little extra scrubbing after they’re used.

However, silicone lubes must never be used with silicone or cyberskin toys. The silicone used in the lube and the toy may bond together and leave holes in the toy, making the toy a breeding ground for bacteria and impossible to sterilize. Silicone lube will also give a silicone toy a gummy, tacky surface and will “melt” cyberskin. If you absolutely must use a silicone lube with these types of toys, put a condom over them.

While oil-based lubes aren’t very popular, they’re pretty much a no-go when it comes to using them with sex toys. Oil-based lubes are almost impossible to clean off toys and have a tendency to bring on vaginal infections in some people.  Plus, if you use condoms to keep your toys clean, oil-based lubes can break down latex. Basically oil based lubes are best left to male masturbation use only because the hassle with cleaning and possible vaginal infections.

Food-based cooking oils should never be used with sex toys or any other form of sex, solo or otherwise. They’re breeding grounds for bacteria.

If you have problems and recurring vaginal infections,  even if you’re fastidious about keeping your sex toys clean, consider trying Anti-Bacterial Lubricant as additional backup as well as pleasure. It contains guava bark, which is often used in douche to treat and prevent yeast infections in the Amazon.

Some women are also sensitive to glycerin and paraben, which are ingredients in some lubes. Sliquid H20  is a safe choice. It’s hypoallergenic, organic and vegan.

Anal lubes aren’t just for men; they’re great for anal toys, too.  The good ol’ standby, the water-based  Astroglide gel, is still a favorite for its thick and cushy consistency.