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Find the Right Sex Position For You

Was trying out the new Sex Position of the Week an utter failure?

Don’t sweat it. Differences in height, body size, penis size or shape, or the size or tilt of a vagina, even by a slight fraction of an inch, can make some sex positions more favorable than others. Also, there are certain types of positions that are best suited for the way you want to penetrate or be penetrated by your partner. Here are some positions that are worth trying…

Best for the Man with a Penis Under 6 Inches

Going rear entry is the best way to go in as deep as possible. Rest her head and shoulders on a pillow, lift her butt up, then have her squeeze her thighs. The tighter her legs, the snugger the fit. Go light on the lube if you absolutely need it. You’ll want all the friction you can get.

Find the right sex position for you.Best for the Man with a Large Penis

Spend some quality time during foreplay using a dildo or fingering to help the vagina expand. Ladies, get on top so you can control how deep you can take him. Lean over his body with your hands on either side of his head on the floor or a mattress as if you’re about to do a pushup. Lube is a must, especially for men who have quite a bit of girth.

Best for the Man with a Bent Penis

For the man with a slight sideways shaped-penis, stand next to the mattress while she lies on it. Angle your thrusts to find which feels best depending on which direction your penis bends.

Best for Clitoral Stimulation

Ladies, lay on the mattress with your butt at the edge of the bed with your legs spread out in a “V” formation. Men, hang onto her legs for her support as well as yours as you make some deep impact penetration. Having your pubis rub up against her clitoris during penetration multiplies orgasmic pleasure in more ways than one for both of you. Keep in mind that there are some things that may prevent this position from being a screaming success such as a man being too tall or too short to make a comfortable coital alignment or a bed that’s too high or too low. Good alternatives are to use a tabletop or bathroom counter top. Men, brace your hands on the edge of the tabletop or counter top for support and so she can rest her legs against your arms to sustain her legs in that position.  Another one of our favorites is the Cowgirl position, where the woman is on top facing her man. As she  slowly thrusts forwards and backwards she is able to rub her clit over and over again in this motion, really heating her up. Both positions are also great for deep penetration and men with smaller penises.

Best for Deep Penetration

Ladies, lie on your back and lift your hips off the mattress and hoist your legs over your partner’s shoulders. Wrapping your legs around your partner’s back works well, too. Use a pillow under your butt if you need it for support. Guys, stand on the side of the bed with your partner’s butt lying at the edge of the bed or kneel between your partner’s legs. The “right” stance for a man to take depends on his height and the height of the mattress.

Best for G-Spot

You can the Cowgirl position or Reverse Cowgirl (on top, but facing away from her partner).  Both position put her in control of how to angle in to have a man’s penis rub against her G-spot.  If she is facing her lover, it is best if a woman is situated straight up as possible with her hands on her partner’s chest for support. If she is facing away, it is easy to apply clitorial stimulation with her hands to bring her to the next level!  The man can hold onto her hips to help the thrusting movement for even deeper penetration with both positions.