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Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

There are Erectile Dysfunction Solutions!

Yes, We said it…. there is good sex ahead for most ED men! The bad news…ED affects about half of men 40 to 70 to some degree from a little to severely, and an increasing number of younger men as well! The good news? Yes, there is good news. The majority of men now experiencing ED can successfully get treatment and continue to have good sex and the intimacy it allows with those they love!

Erectile dysfunction solutions - erection toys available at Little Shop of O's!There are many reasons that men suffer with ED. The most common cause is vascular disease, or decreased blood flow to the penis or the penis’s inability to retain the blood that has flowed in to create the erection because of venous leakage in the cavernous tissues of the penis. In other words, not enough blood flows in (vascular issues), or the blood flows in fine but the veins do not close properly or completely (cavernous leakage) and so the penis cannot retain enough blood to get or maintain an erection depending on the extent of the leakage. This can be caused by heart, kidney, or liver disease, it can also be the result of chronic overindulgence in alcohol, smoking, or drugs which can damage the nerves and vascular system, and cause a weakened blood supply to the penis!

The second most common ED cause is psychological in nature. Performance anxiety, depression and other like issues can cause problems with sexual desire, and getting or maintaining erections. Many medical professionals feel that this accounts for 10-15% of ED issues.

Additional causes are less common, such as hormonal imbalance (1-4% of men have low testosterone); Neurological causes are Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other diseases of the nervous system. There is also pelvic trauma and penile trauma that account for a small percentage of ED, as well as Peyronie’s Disease that scars penile tissues and causes lack of blood flow and curvature of the penis in up to 3% of men, usually older men 40 and up. Diabetes damages nerves and blood flow needed for healthy erections, and hundreds of drugs that are taken for high blood pressure, heart problems as well as anti-depressants, sedatives, and tranquilizers and many other ailments can have a negative effect on sexual health and wellness.

The list above is by no means complete, but mentions the most common causes for ED.

Good News! Now we want to share some erectile dysfunction solutions for a continued happy sex life.

If you fall into the most common category of men suffering from vascular issues, then there is immediate help for your sex life and along with it, the harder road of a healthy long term solution. The immediate help is chemical or herbal in nature. You guessed it. Your doctor will be happy to prescribe Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. They are PDE5 inhibitors that regulate blood flow to the penis and they do indeed get your rocket to the launching pad. Viagra is taken about an hour before sexual activity is expected and lasts several hours. No impetuous sex with this one. You need to be a planner. Cialis and Levitra are taken at a regulated dose often as a daily supplement which can enable you to function at any time that the need arises. There are also herbal supplements that work very well for many men. One dose will last anywhere from a few days to over a week depending on the supplement and the person taking it. A few of these are GoldReallas, EXtenZone, and Zen Power to name just a few. From the reports we have received these supplements give you more of a natural feel when aroused and you don’t walk around with a hard on unless you have sex on your mind. You feel a bit more natural with the herbal supplements

That’s the quick fix. The longer and better road is to make some life changes. Sure, you’ve probably heard it before. That’s because it works. Quit drinking and drugging if you do too much of that. Quit smoking, it’s a leading cause of ED for long term smokers. Get off the couch and start exercising at least several times a week and don’t forget lots of cardio as that helps improve blood flow throughout the body (that really does include and help the penis too). Eat better. It’s like putting premium gas in your car, you get better performance. The same thing happens with better food. Especially get away from processed foods as much as possible. It really will help. Sleep the 8 hours you are supposed to, and find ways to de-stress. Not only will all this help with ED symptoms over time but you will be healthier, fitter, more attractive (and know it). Do this for 6 months and see what happens. Most likely you will have decreased ED symptoms, and increased interest in sex. You will be fitter so you will be better in the sack, and by now you have probably dropped some weight so you are looking more attractive to potential sex partners too.

If Low Testosterone  is your issue, there are now many treatments to get your testosterone levels up and make you feel healthy, happy and less depressed too, as low T can cause all those symptoms. A simple test at a doctor or Urologist can easily tell you if this is the best path for you.

If the above is still not working, Urologists are able to surgically repair venous leakage in some patients, and help others with implants in more extreme cases of ED where other treatments fail.

If your ED is a result of prescribed medication then a visit to your doctor requesting alternate med options that do not inhibit erectile function are in order; however, if your antidepressants are the issue (but your medication is working well and you don’t want to change it), there are still other routes you can take.  Adult sex toys, such as cock rings, can help you sustain a firm erection by keeping the blood-flow in your penile tissues during sex.  If achieving erection, not sustaining it, is the issue, a prostate massager just may be the ticket to a successful sex life.

There is help for the majority of men suffering with ED. DO NOT suffer quietly in shame. You are not alone. Up to 40% of men are suffering from the same problem! See your doctor, make positive life changes and keep trying other solutions if the first one you try doesn’t work. Sex and the intimacy it allows are too critical to lose. You deserve a full and fulfilling life and sex life. You just have to do what it takes to get them back.

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