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Baby Boomers Sex Tips

 “Old age ain’t for sissies”  Bette Davis

Ahh… nothing is truer than this quote. Anyone who has experienced the effects of aging is all too familiar with some of the new limitations you must adapt to with the consequences of aging. Your body changes and you simply cannot operate the same way as you did in your 20’s and 30’s.

Baby Boomers Sex Tips Those of us born between 1946 and 1964 fit into the Baby Boomer demographic. For most of us, once we start hitting our 40’s & 50’s we begin to encounter some physical changes that may affect our sexual relationships and activity. Physical problems such as joint, back and muscle pain may start to make it impossible for you to assume some of your favorite positions you once shared with your partner. Losing muscular tissue and a lack of cardiovascular fitness can also affect your strength and endurance level when you are engaging in sexual activity. Then there is the drop in hormone levels for both male and female that come with aging that cause a variety of symptoms.;  low libido, erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness, etc…   That is the bad news….

The good news?  You can continue to have a fulfilling sex life well into your golden years and even improve it! If you are willing to make necessary adjustments in some of your lifestyle habits and are open to explore the wide world of adult sex toys and various pleasure products, you will find that making love to your partner in your later years can be extremely fun, exciting and satisfying.

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Physical limitations pose no real limitations anymore. There are wedges, pads and sex swings and all kinds of other items that make even the not-so-limber of us adventurous lovers.

For years, many physicians, counselors, sex therapists and an array of sex experts have been proponents of using adult pleasure products to enhance sexual fulfillment and recommend these products to their patients as a way to enhance and enrich their relationships.

There are also many studies that have proven having satisfying sex two to three times per week can add more years to your life. Regular sex can also lower your blood pressure, boost your immunity, improve your sleep, and make your heart stronger!

Getting busy can burn an impressive amount of calories — sometimes as much as running for 30 minutes. Ok… so which sounds more fun?