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Titillating Technology for 2018

Titillating Technology for 2018
on February 1, 2018 in Sex Talk

There’s no question about it–living a “simple” life has become almost impossible as our lives are positively saturated with technology. Our social lives, our homes, our cars, even our refrigerators are connecting to the Internet–we don’t tend to unplug, not even for a minute. In fact, last year’s MiMedia survey found that 69% of people regularly use their smartphone while on the toilet. Clearly, most of us are quite committed to staying connected (and surprisingly honest).

Sex: Meet Technology

We love sex. We love sex so much that there’s this continual drive to make it BETTER. More frequent orgasms! More powerful orgasms! We don’t just want to be turned on–we want to be panting and pleading for more until we are satisfied. Consumers spend billions of dollars every year investing in the latest and greatest technological ways of enhancing their sexual experience.


So what’s hot in 2018?

Here’s a little taste to wet your whistle:


Pump Up The Volume

Getting freaky on the dance floor is a great way to kick off a night of fantastic sex. As your body gets its grind on, your heart rate elevates, and that increased blood flow can make you feel both attractive and aroused. What if there were a way the music could take you to the next level? Thanks to two products that were built to transform audio waves into vibration and pulse intensity, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2 and the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH Hero Anal Plug make a night on the town a lot more interesting.

You Can Find ANYTHING Online

With the explosive popularity of hookup apps, sex is just a few clicks away. You can satisfy your one-track mind with ease, whether you’re looking for Netflix and chill or something a little more exotic. If swiping still involves too many personal pleasantries to suit you, there are now professional sex worker sites serving countries all over the world, where you can set up a night of pleasure, right from your phone or computer.

sexy couple enjoying virtual reality at home, woman with vr headset

DIY Sex Tech

3D printing is so hot right now. People all over the world are experimenting with making their own sex toys at home, where the possibilities are looking very near infinite. And DIY doesn’t stop there. The burgeoning sex robot industry is full of home gamers and robot enthusiasts, cranking out designs as weird and wild as physics allow. VR porn, professional and amateur, is also making waves–a great way to get an immersive introduction to the glorious smorgasbord of experimental sexual activities in the world.

Long Distance Lovin’

Have a little fun on the road by putting your pleasure in the “hands” of teledildonics. Mobile app and smartphone-controlled sex toys add an extra element to personal play. For example, the We-Vibe Verge works well as a standalone solo sex toy, as well as a vibrator that can be used during sex to give everyone a little boost. With the We-Connect app, you can sync We-Vibe products and control them from anywhere on the planet, provided you have Internet connectivity.

Good Vibrations

Vibrators have come along way, baby! You can track your physiological responses to your sex toys with vibrators that have built-in artificial intelligence. Once they know what makes you go, they’re programmed to get you to your destination faster. Other toys come with built-in cameras, so you can take photos or video of all the action. There have been loads of photos of penises floating around the Internet for years. Now it’s time for the pussy pic.


Technology has definitely been a key factor in driving the sexual revolution. Thanks to advances in contraceptives and STD prevention, we can have more sex with fewer negative consequences. Of course, this marvelous match of sex and tech won’t stop here. Humans are an adventurous bunch and we’re limited only by our imaginations. And as you can see from the infographic, our imaginations aren’t limiting much.


10 Things Infographic



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