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The Wide, Wild World of Wedges

The Wide, Wild World of Wedges
on December 18, 2017 in Sex Talk

Woman surrounded by pillows

Hey fellas, did you ever wonder why women keep so many pillows on their beds? Well, while I’m certain there is a definite aesthetic choice for pillow love, I’m here to tell you it might just also be about pillow lovin!

And if you haven’t figured this out yet, it’s time to get on board, y’all. That’s right, all aboard the pillow train! Why? Because as we get older we simply need more pillows to keep our backs and joints happy while we sleep. That’s just, like, science, man. Science I wish I’d learned earlier because I could’ve been using those therapeutic throws for bigger and better bouts of boinkitude (yes, that’s a word).

“But Mr. Dicks,” you ask innocently, “What kind of pillows are the best for sweet, sweet pillow lovin?”

First, Mr. Dicks is my father. Call me Stevie. Unless, of course, you’ve paid for my domination services, in which case you’ll call me “Daddy Dicks”. Moving on…

Y’all. Get yourself a wedge. Hell, get two. These things are sold for any number of reasons, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. But hey, maybe you’re just wedge-curious, and want to see what all this pillow propaganda is all about.

So, let’s start at the beginning with what you have in your room. Get your firmest pillow, maybe two of them, and let’s see what a difference they make.

You’re on a Mission, and you’re wishin…

Missionary is just great for us guys in many respects. It hits all our happy spots pretty easily, and if you have any hip-moving talent at all, you can move around to figure out how to hit hers better. But for ladies, it’s not always a fan favorite because getting the right angle to hit her g-spot doesn’t always work. Plus, sometimes it feels like us guys are doing a really long push-up/plank combo that can wear on a fella’s back and stamina.

Engage Pillow Lovin:

Slide that pillow (or the high end of a wedge) under your partner’s hips, and just see how much a difference you can both feel! Your fella is getting right to her g-spot, and you can sit up a bit more on your knees, taking strain off your lower back. Add a little more flair by putting her legs over your shoulders, so you can get deeper penetration.

I’m Forever Yours…Orally

Many ladies over the years have gone on record to let us know that too many gents don’t enjoy giving oral pleasure as much as they enjoy receiving it. Personally, I used to have the opposite problem, because I love the sensation of a woman’s thighs pressing around my head and nearly cutting off oxygen to my brain as she loses control. But that’s just me. The only downsides? Neck pain and tongue strain. That angle can sometimes be a heck of a challenge to maintain. Well, fear not, because…

Engage Pillow Lovin:

Use the same technique as above to slide that wedge or pillow under her hips, and your neck problems will practically disappear. Plus, you’ll have a better angle to engage the whole area, which means you’ll be able to tease other areas around her vulva and nibble that inner thigh/hip connection area. All this will also help ease your tongue, but really…if you’re that reliant on sticking out your tongue, you might want to take some pointers. Go Google Nina Hartley oral lessons (here, I’ll do it) and spend 20 minutes watching her to teach you a few things you likely didn’t know. Also… ^that link is not safe for work. Or tea time with your Great Aunt Fanny. Unless Fanny’s, like, really awesome.

They call me the Diamond Doggie

God, “doggie style” is such a terrible name for so many reasons (unless you’re going full-on furry, in which case…you go). There are some great things about going in from behind, but sometimes size differences make angles difficult. Sometimes she gets tired holding herself up when she’s losing control. Sometimes she doesn’t want her face ground into the bedsheets while you’ve got her doing the downward dog/wheelbarrow combo trying to get just the right feel for tightness and depth. Well…

Engage Pillow Lovin:

Now, you can do this with pillows (and it’ll make a decent amount of difference if you have large ones particularly), but this is where the wedge really starts to shine. They’ll hold most of her body weight, so she can relax and focus on feeling fantastic. You can easily adjust her position from standing-bent-over or kneeling-bent-over to knees-open or knees closed (for extra tight sensation). You can even do the  leaning-over-her-to-get-that-extra-deep-plus-g-spot-hitting thing you were likely trying to do with your unfortunate attempt at combining downward dog with wheelbarrow.

So there are the top three benefits from just using pillows you already have. And you can use them with her on top, between her legs for spooning sex (Forking? Sporking?), and any number of other ways you can think of. And once you’ve tried pillows, you’re going to want a wedge. You can play around with the therapeutic ones out there. Heck, you can get a couple of those, and stack them against each other so she can reverse cowgirl you while reaching over to flip the TV to whatever episode of True Blood really gets you both off simultaneously. Weirdos.

But when you’re ready to graduate to the next level, hit that search button on our store and see all the lovely temptations out there. My personal choice is the Liberator. You won’t find a better wedge out there. And as an extra bonus, they have a friendly User’s Guide to tell you about all the things you can do on a wedge that you’ve likely never thought of.

If none of this has sold you on the idea of a wedge, there’s one more benefit. Once you’re done wearing each other out on these terrific triangles, you can prop them against the wall and have a snack while watching the rest of your show. I tell ya, if these things came with cup holders, they might just be the best friend you ever had.


Author Bio: 

Stevie Dicks

After traveling the globe as the frontman for Manslide, an all-drag Fleetwood Mac cover band, Stevie has taken off the skirts and scarves to settle down a bit. He now enjoys pursuits of all things manly, whether it be smoking meats, cooking for his favorite ladies, competing in beard competitions, or gazing intently into the distance. Don’t let that fool you, though. He still has all his frilly bits ready to go, and I hear that Manslide is having a reunion tour in a couple years!

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