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The Lasting Appeal of Lingerie

The Lasting Appeal of Lingerie
on November 8, 2017 in Sex Talk


Lingerie. Even the word itself is sensual, rolling around in the mouth, lovely and evocative. When you hear it, what do you picture? A matched bra and panty set, a lacy teddy, garter belt and stockings, a strappy bodysuit? Do you picture leather, lace, or mesh? Bright colors or monochrome? Racily revealing, or temptingly tucked away?

We all draw from the same ancient archetypes for sexual temptation, and yet, the multitude of ways in which we can interpret them for our own expression is simply mind-boggling. Lingerie can help us achieve our idealized sexual selves, whatever those selves may look like. Whether looking to draw attention to your already existing features, enhance them, camouflage them, or make an entirely new silhouette, boudoir costuming can assist you in fabricating your dream.

Sexy Secrets

Sensual underthings can be used to excite a lover, or just to change and charge up your feelings about yourself. Feeling silk or Swiss dot against your skin underneath your everyday clothes can give any normally banal interaction a secret pleasure. Oscar Wilde declares in the beloved book The Picture of Dorian Gray, “The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.” How much more delightful then is the uncommon thing that you hold quietly to yourself, while in public. And if a partner is part of the plan, what a bewitching surprise awaits them when you shed your business casual!

Place of Power

Sexy lingerie can feel even more special if it’s given a home of its own, a separate drawer or even its own chest for the avid collector. Opening it up and seeing satin and lace nestled together in beautiful rows can be a thrill unto itself, and making dressing yourself an even more delightful experience. Finally, to really bring it home, think about choosing a signature scent and rubbing it into the drawers, or spraying it on tissue paper to wrap individual pieces in, or creating a sachet, to imbue every piece with a bit of your essence and make you feel even sexier while wearing them.

Freeing Fabrics

Play, experiment, and have fun! Mix and match, try new pieces, and create a persona (or multiple ones) for whom you are shopping and playing dress-up for. Use the power of lingerie to explore, reinvent, or declare the kind of person you are, or the kind that you’ve always wanted to be. Use varying materials and textures (leather, lace, latex, PVC vinyl, silk) to delve into sensation play or restrictive pieces to dip your toe into BDSM. And don’t forget the transformative power of erotic costuming when thinking about different role play scenarios.

Most of all, relax and let your curiosity lead you to discover new exciting preferences and desires. Lingerie may seem clichéd, but we keep coming back to it because it is so powerful in its ability to help break us out of old habits and routines and to fully embody the sexual beings we desire to be. Pick out a couple of new pieces and embark on a new journey today!


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