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Squirt School from Author R. Leigh
on January 24, 2016 in Sex Talk

Squirt School The Book cover 5.25x8.5 for 5x8 coverThis book is the third squirting book from Author R. Leigh. The author’s other two books are Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think and Squirt Stories. In Squirt School: The Book the author takes coursework from her online course Squirt School and condenses it into book format. It offers techniques for squirting including homework exercises to help you learn to squirt. It features more than 10 positions, warm-ups, clitoral stimulation techniques, g-spot stimulation techniques and a key masturbation technique.

After I wrote Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think I realized people wanted and needed more in-depth information. Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think was written to act as a quick, easy to read guide. It is your jump start guide to squirting.

So in turn I created an online school called Squirt School. With the growing success of Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think in book format, I realized I should offer Squirt School as a book, as well as a course. People (or at least the people utilizing my writing and instruction) seem to better enjoy the book format for sexual instruction.

Squirt School: The Book is the coursework from Squirt School, the online course, without the need to sit down at a computer. Squirt School: The Book is the manual of squirting, and it even includes homework assignments to get you started. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about squirting.

If you have read any of my other squirting books, you may notice some information has been repeated in this book. It’s entirely necessary to repeat much of the information in case you haven’t read the other books. If you have read the other books, please bear with me or skip over that information.


My first book, Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think, is a quick, easy-to-read guide. It’s not for someone just learning about what female ejaculation is. But instead it takes the best tips, which have proven most effective, so someone who really just seeks to give squirting a shot, can access the tips quickly. This coursework compliments my first book written about squirting in that we dive deeper into the subject and I offer more detailed advice and information.

Throughout the course you’ll learn more about squirting, and maybe more importantly you’ll learn techniques and be encouraged to participate in exercises which can help you learn to squirt. You’ll learn about more than 10 positions which help with g-spot stimulation. You’ll learn clitoral stimulation techniques, including a revolutionary clitoral stimulation technique that not many know  I’m really excited to teach you. You’ll learn about masturbation techniques, including some warm-ups and a masturbation technique which may just be the trick to getting you to squirt!

It took a lot of mental preparation to come to a place where I felt I could write Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think. For one, I experienced sexual trauma as a child, and I grew up with the typical parent who doesn’t really want to talk about sex. I wasn’t offered a healthy view of sexuality; which after talking to many seems to be the norm. Few people grow up with parents who encourage healthy sexuality. It’s not that they don’t want to, I don’t think, but they just don’t know how. In our society there is still a lot of shame around sex.

My other books about squirting and this coursework were not easy to write. I admittedly felt shame and embarrassment. I’ve made myself do the same assignments I’m assigning to you. And it wasn’t easy for me. So why would I forge ahead with both writing a book and teaching a course which also makes me uncomfortable? Because I want to change the dialogue we have about sex. Sex should be as openly discussed as eating your fruits and vegetables or drinking water. It’s healthy and good for us. It is my hope that we can change the shame around sex, and I hope I can be part of the change.

When I began experimenting sexually I wasn’t prepared, and many of my early experiences involved me just lying there waiting for it to finish. When I got into a long-term relationship with my husband, I had sex regularly, but there wasn’t much focus on my pleasure, nor did I demand there to be.

I, like many others, discovered I could squirt by accident. I had been married 10 years and it happened with my husband after we’d had sex for a few hours. Now I understand it probably happened because the long sex session allowed sufficient pressure to build up, but at the time I didn’t know what squirting was. I just felt pressure, and as though I needed to let go. When I did I released massive amounts of fluid and it felt amazing. My husband was also excited about it. But neither of us understood what was happening. In fact, afterwards we didn’t even really talk about it. I was embarrassed, and I think maybe he was a bit too. I researched for hours online the next day so I could understand exactly what was happening and I became a bit obsessed, maybe as I continued to spend quite a bit of time trying to understand what was happening and why.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the sexual relationship with my husband wasn’t very enjoyable for me. I don’t say that to demean him, or to talk negatively about him. In hindsight, I’ve learned men often feel inadequate or inept during sex, or fear they are not good enough. Most men truly want to please their partners. My inability to orgasm with him was a combination of him not having much confidence and me not allowing myself to feel pleasure or verbalize what I needed. We were both responsible. I think my husband and I both just gave up at some point, and we focused on bringing him to orgasm. Then I would work on achieving an orgasm by myself. I could squirt by myself once I understood how it worked, which is why I accepted it as something I did alone until after I was divorced.

It wasn’t until after my divorce when I began seeking out pleasurable sexual experiences. I wanted to embrace a healthy attitude towards sex instead of denying myself, or feeling shame. Squirting had reinforced in my mind that women are meant to enjoy sexual pleasure as much as men.

Finding partners who were more experienced with squirting, who knew different techniques, and more importantly were patient, allowed me to experience squirting with someone else, which is definitely a deeper level of pleasure. I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t orgasm quickly and intensely when he feels a woman squirting while he’s inside of her. My goal first is to help women, and use my own experiences to do so. But what was interesting after I published my first book was how many men were reading the book and talking to me about it. Even though I wrote the book for women. Men were really interested in learning how to help their partners do this. But even more they loved the book because they felt it gave them a unique insight into how a woman feels, and how her mind works during sex. This is a message to all you ladies who are reading this, men really do want to please their partners. Which is why I designed this course to focus on both women and their partners. And of course in the case of homosexual female couples this can work both ways.

In this class the ultimate goal is to get you on the path to squirting. I really want all women who desire it to experience female ejaculation. I really want all partners to participate in giving their partner a squirting orgasm. But like anything with sex, if you want it too badly, it’s likely not to happen. If that’s all you do is focus on squirting, you may prevent it from happening. The more important goal is to focus on pleasurable sex, encouraging the woman to orgasm. If you reach where you can both open up sexually, let go, and stay present in the moment, squirting is on the horizon.

I believe wholeheartedly most women can achieve this. Mental blocks prevent some from squirting, which we will cover in this course. In rare cases, there could be a medical issue. Some women may not find squirting appealing. If your partner is not interested in squirting, it may not happen. BUT information is gold. Share with her what you learn about the squirting orgasm. Tell her how good it will feel and what you learned about what female ejaculation is, and how it works. Share with her your desire to pleasure her. Opening up the conversation will help her become more open to the idea. And remember to listen to what she says, but more importantly how she feels about it.

If you’re a woman taking this course, particularly if it’s at the encouragement of your male partner, and even more importantly if he encouraged you and you have reservations about taking this course, I want you to know this: Women are often shamed into not enjoying sex, but men are sometimes shamed for enjoying it. They are viewed as needing sex too much, or it’s used as a reward in a relationship. Sex should be enjoyed and cherished by both. And a man should not be shamed because he enjoys it nor should it be used against him, or it be used as a reward.

Both partners should enjoy sex and make the effort to enjoy it.

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