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Sex, Technology and Future Sex

Sex, Technology and Future Sex
on April 15, 2016 in Sex Talk

IMG_20151222_090135Some people fear the future, others embrace change. For fans of sex, and sex toys and products there nothing but LOVE ahead!

Have you noticed the big changes happening all around us? We can now buy sex toys at drug store chains. Since the Fifty Shades phenomenon you see erotic novels on the shelves of Walmart next to the young adult novels. Local fitness clubs now offer pole dancing classes for women. Sexuality is so mainstream that it’s all sex, all the time, wherever you look. So much so in fact that it has already subtly changed the way everyone views sex. Many taboos of the past barely get a blink these days!

Sex 4.0 is the new term coined by Kinkly, a leading online sex positive website to describe the modern sexual revolution that we are now experiencing. Just like the sexual revolutions in the 20’s and 60’s, Sex 4.0 pushes the boundaries of what sexual practices are socially acceptable for the mainstream. But this revolution is expanding the accepted boundaries even more. It is not only about embracing your sexuality and exploring your sexual desires, it expresses a deeper level of acceptance for varieties of sexual behavior that were formally considered more taboo; bi-sexual experiences, the use of sex toys with your partner, male sex toys, fetish play and BDSM, are all now becoming more the norm. Even sexual preferences for swinging, swapping, group experiences, and polyamory which were formerly considered fringe behaviors are far less stigmatizing for their participants.

Now with changing attitudes, technology has engaged in sex as never before, taking us to a new level as well. You can now have sex, or at least foreplay, no matter where you are; same room, across town, or around the world, no problem. The electronic tools at our disposal help us to be more creative in our foreplay and during sex; sexting, video chat, high end sex toys used as alarm clocks, the ability to remotely stimulate a partner, even to orgasm! And all recharged by a simple USB cord. It’s a whole new sexual world.

Couples toys are leading sellers, telling us that more people than ever are breaking out of old norms and experiencing new ways to have sex and keep their relationship fresh and exciting!

Some more of our best selling items.


Remote Vibrators

Vibrating toys that can be used during sex; vibrating cock rings, butt plugs, couple vibrating toys like We Vibe and OhMiBod are popular.


G-spot vibrators, clitoral stimulators and rechargeable waterproof bullet vibrators


Male Masturbators, Penis Pumps

There are even a great many new apps for your notebook, iPhone and Android designed to heighten thesexual experience through technology. Now that’s sex on the go, anytime, anywhere!

Using phone Apps to pump up your sex life? Yes! There are a lot of creative apps to choose from but these are two of our favorites:


$1.99 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android
Developer: Franklin Innovations

Just skimming the more than 600 questions on Kindu will get you hot. The app even comes with a disclaimer from the developer: “This app is not for the faint of heart.” Even though there are some questions are a bit over-the-top for the average married couple, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your imagination and exploration. Kindu provides examples of turn-ons, fantasy role play and sexy activities. Using passcodes, each person privately answers “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” to each scenario, and then Kindu later reveals only the scenarios where both people matched.

Love Map

$1.99 for iPhone or iPad
Developer: The Gottman Institute

Want to know what your partner really thinks? Start by asking a handful of the questions provided on this app. From the serious “What makes your partner feel most competent?” to the kinky “What turns your partner on sexually?,” the Love Maps app encourages couples to quiz each other.

The future is even brighter than the present!

Future technical inventions and innovations have a LOT more in store for us.Just a few of many items now on the drawing board for the near future are:

The KIIRO, which involves a mated pair of sex toys designed to please both a man and woman…remotely. Women will use the touch-sensitive vibrator, which measures the “depth and speed of penetration,” then sends the data to the male toy where they’ll supposedly “feel” the same arousal. And for the guys struggling to find a digital booty call, they can sync the device with their porn catalog.

With the large percentage of iPad users who log into Safari to watch porn, it seems inevitable that someone would actually come up with this. The LaunchPAD straps a fleshlight onto Apple’s slate to provide first-person satisfaction while checking out erotic clips online or engaging in sex cam action with others. The internet just got a whole lot more personal!

Then there’s the world’s first “guybrator.” That’s correct, you read that right. The male static simulator uses oscillations to get you off: hands-free. It’s also been said the PULSE was built to help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. A win for all!

There are dozens of ideas actually in development or on the drawing board for the very near future. They are even working on not only virtual reality goggles and helmets , but entire suits that can be worn to experience remote sexual experiences as if you were there. Wow I guess long distance relationships don’t have to be frustrating anymore no matter how far apart you are.

The farther future has plans to be able to hard wire jacks directly into the pleasure centers of the brain, thus directly stimulating the largest sex organ of them all!  Want to have sex with the most famous sex symbols down through history, or your favorite movie or porn star? The folks working on this far future technology are counting on it.

Technology rocks! The new sexual revolution is alive and well . It’s as close as your smart phone, tablet, TV, and local drug store. It reverberates through every area of your life. More sex and sex toys are available more easily than ever before. The current toys are awesome as is. The near future toys are taking advantage of technology like never before to overcome distance and even lack of a partner. The farther future is mind blowing! It’s a great time to be alive, healthy ad horny!



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