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Gettin’ It On Global Style: International Sex Facts

Gettin’ It On Global Style: International Sex Facts
on October 13, 2017 in Sex Talk

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected. We can Facetime with friends and lovers around the world, travel anywhere that suits our fancy, and learn new languages via our mobile phones. If we’ve learned anything through this global exploration, it’s that while some aspects of sex are universal, others vary wildly from place to place. Whether you’re brushing up for a sexy game of trivia or looking for a jumping off point for a conversation with your partner, we think you’ll enjoy these steamy sex stats from around the world.

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An Orgasm By Any Other Name

In the US, we colloquially refer to achieving sexual climax as “coming”. A well-mannered partner will often alert you (or spur you on) by whispering, “I’m going to come.” In Spain, however, they use the verb “correr”, which means “to run” or “to hurry”. We generally encourage you not to think of sex as a race to the finish line, but hey, to each their own. Speaking of finishing, in Russia, the term is “kahnchat” or “to end”. A personal favorite: France refers to “la petite mort” (“the little death”) — certainly, the best orgasms leave you feeling like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Size Queens

Whether or not it matters, we can definitively say that size varies based on your country of origin. While the global average is 5.5”, there’s a wide divergence, with North Korea on the low end at 3.8” and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in first place at 7.1”. (Three cheers for democracy, amirite?). South America wins the prize for best-hung continent, with an average size of 6.36”.

“I Can’t Get No-”

It seems Mick Jagger’s problem could be geographical. For the highest sexual satisfaction rates, we’d encourage Sir Mick to check out Nigeria (highest satisfaction rate in the world, according to a study by Durex), Spain (90% satisfaction rate, according to a different study), or Brazil, where the average citizen has sex 1-3 times per week. If you’re the competitive sort, you might note that 100 million couples have sex every day (which means 65,000 people are having sex while you’re reading this blog post).

We’re #1?

The U.S. ranks pretty close to the middle on most of these stats. Average penis size here is 5.1”, just slightly below the global average. And the same Durex study that awarded Nigeria top points for sexual satisfaction had the U.S. tied with Canada for tenth place — not too shabby. We’ve still got a ways to go in many areas, especially frequency of sex — only 52% of Americans are getting laid weekly. Are you doing your part for your country?

Read on for more global sex facts!

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