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ED Solutions For 98 Percent of ED Sufferers That Really Work!
on March 12, 2016 in Sex Talk

Yes, Men – Now you can get back to intimacy!!

ED-Solutions-Little-Shop-Of-OsWe are not doctors and would never presume to give a definitive opinion on the causes except to say that they are having a terrible affect on men and their relationships. Along the way they destroy self confidence, self esteem, and make men feel frightened to be men, for fear of not being able to perform and satisfy their partners. Men are devastated by ED and most men will not talk about it or seek help, even from their partners until it becomes impossible to ignore and sometimes, even then, men will not deal with it. They will just pull back from intimacy with excuses, or even terminate relationships rather than deal with it. Even in long term marriages. The shame men feel from being victims of ED cannot be overstated.

It may be you, or it may be a close friend that has confided in you, but Erectile Dysfunction is affecting men’s sex life, intimacy, and destroying relationships at an epidemic rate never seen before.

Men are so close mouthed about ED issues, that it has always been difficult to obtain truly relevant statistics on ED and its affects. In the past it has typically been associated primarily with aging, beginning to have a noticeable affect on men in their late forties and early fifties. Statistics vary somewhat based on the source quoted, but generally it used to be talked about as affecting 5-10% of men in their 50’s and getting progressively worse as men aged. It was estimated to affect about 35% of men in their 60’s and as much as 70% of men in their 70’s.

Those statistics have changed radically in recent years. The curve is much sharper and is beginning to affect men as early as their 20’s with significant regularity! We have heard and read many explanations for this such as, more unnatural ingredients in the foods we eat, combined with a much more sedentary lifestyle. We are fatter than ever and in worse physical shape than any previous generation of men in the world! Another reason given is a much higher incidence of disease such as heart disease, diabetes, nerve, and blood diseases, etc… Some argue again for dietary, environmental, and lifestyle causes for the increased incidence of disease that is affecting us in greater percentages at younger and younger ages. And what about other lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and drug use? All will have a long term negative on the body that can and do contribute to a higher likelihood of ending up as an ED sufferer.

The bottom line cause of ED from about 95% of the issues listed above is blood flow to the genitals. You can go to your urologist or even to EMD or Wikipedia for the diagrams and scientific terms, but all the above will weaken the blood flow or atrophy the fine network of veins in the penis or both, resulting in weaker and less maintainable erections. More bad news, once it starts ED only continues to get worse unless something changes. It will not just “go away” unless you are one of the 2-5% of ED sufferers that are wholly caused by performance anxiety, which can abate with continued successful performance over time. That’s 2-5% of ED sufferers – not the majority by any means.

But the GOOD NEWS is that there are things you can do to reduce or eliminate ED issues.

There are many options to help cope with ED. In the early stages often moving to a clean and healthy diet including vegetables and non processed foods combined with a healthy exercise regimen including a good amount of cardio will do the trick. But what if you have stepped up and done the diet and exercise and gotten no improvement? Sure, you look and feel better, but no joy on erections, what then?

For those little further down the ED path Viagra, Cilalis and similar drugs have been a godsend as they allow erections and intimacy for many men who have had no other option to maintain sexual intimacy.

Some men successfully use Viagra, , and similar drugs to achieve erections and maintain sexual intimacy. That may work for you. But for many men after a number of successful experiences with this type of drug, after they heave a sigh of relief that they can now move past their ED issues, begin to get less and less reliable results from the drug. The guaranteed erection they thought they would always get begins to be less reliable, and sometimes still goes away before they want it to or won’t come at all. They have the ED letdown all over again.

There is a medical solution that is advertised to be about 98% effective. There are a number of urologists and specialty medical groups performing a new procedure that our research has shown to be highly effective. Remember that the bottom line cause of the vast majority of ED comes down to blood flow to the genitals. The procedure is called several different things by different medical groups, lets refer to it as the Priapus Shot.Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

What it does is to extract your own blood and centrifuge it to separate the white cells that the body uses to heal and rebuild itself when damaged. Once separated these white cells concentrations are injected back into the penis in multiple strategic locations. The rebuilding and healing process begins immediately and you see results quickly, but the entire process happens over a period of several months. The goal of the Priapus Shot, as explained to us, is that it reconditions veins and improves and strengthens blood flow as well as building new paths for the blood to flow. It also repairs and strengthens the valves on the penis that close to prevent blood from leaving the penis to allow erections to remain strong and hard. While this sound like the kind of claim you find in the back of men’s magazines or on the bad internet sites, it really does work. Most of the ethical medical groups doing this (be careful there are plenty of unethical ones), also offer medicines that can quickly and easily be injected into the penis that will give a very satisfying two hour erection if other issues persist, and many will also offer some form of testosterone treatment to revitalize your libido, as testosterone starts to decline radically by your early forties. The combined treatment does work for the vast majority of men who have the courage to face their ED an seek treatment.

We emphatically say, for many men suffering from ED there is now a solution!

If you if or someone you know is ready to face their ED issues, we have a starting point for your research of the new procedures available that are helping so many men.

We are not affiliated with any medical or ED treatment group and do not feel it is appropriate to advertise for them, however we do know the contact information for a few groups that have provided successful treatment to others we know and would be happy to share this information to possibly help ED sufferers.

However, we do recommend that you do all possible research before accepting treatment from any source for any reason and we accept no responsibility for the success or failure of any treatment by any source for any reason. You are adults and can and should make your own decisions based on your own research.

That said, we can give names of some providers of the above services upon request in several regions of the US. Email us at, do your own due diligence, make your own decision, and good luck. There is help out there!

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