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4 Positions You May Be Neglecting

4 Positions You May Be Neglecting
on March 15, 2018 in Sex Talk

sensual beautiful young couple is having sex on bedYou’ve got the standard stuff down, sometimes you switch it up with doggie or cowgirl styles, but sometimes you wonder, “are there positions I’m neglecting?” Well, true believers, I’m here to tell you that there are. And we’re not talking wheelbarrow or pile driver-type positions. These are simple modifications to positions you’re probably already using that will improve your lovin’ while not breaking someone’s back. This is important whether you’re a tired soccer mom or a worn-out rockstar who likes to dress in frilly things.

1. See what condition your mission is in…

Missionary is a terrible name for the way most of us get busy. It’s great because it’s like a full-body hug, and gets you as close as you can to the one you’re lovin. But, let’s switch it up.

First, try a firm pillow under the lady’s hips to get a better angle. Fellas, get on your knees and sit up a bit so you’re hitting her G-spot more effectively. Your main man will be rubbing up and down the front side, hitting all the good spots.

Want to get deeper? Have her put her legs over your shoulders, and you’ll be able to penetrate further than you thought you could from this angle!

2. Get downward with your doggie…

Again, “doggie style” is a terrible name for a lovely position that can give both men and women a great angle for depth. Still, there are some tricks that will give men a bit more fun and bigger booms for the lady.

First, ladies…if you’re not utilizing a toy on yourself while he’s behind you, you’re missing out on a great flavor combo. It’ll get you bigger booms by far.

Second, fellas…after having fun for a bit, close her knees and put yours on the outside. This’ll make it tighter for you and deeper for her.

Ladies, at this point you can lower your head and shoulders to the bed while your man leans over you. If you like hair play, have him grab the hair at the nape of your neck and tug your head to get a little pressure/control going on.

Finally, then ease the lady all the way down (possibly with a pillow or wedge like the Liberator to support her hips). She’ll enjoy the depth and his hitting her front wall more. He’ll enjoy the tighter feel and the different texture. DO NOT start with this position. It’s weird and awkward when you do. Trust me, I know.

3. Easy like a sideways Sunday mornin’…

Fellas, that half-awake state the morning after a long night of shenanigans is a lovely, glowy place to be when you’re looking at your partner next to you. However, you might be too tired to get into all those complicated “positions.” Your back may say no, but your morning wood shouts, “Let’s go!” Sideways lovin’ to the rescue!

Start by playing with each other as you ease yourselves closer and closer. Make sure you have lube handy, so everything is nice and slippery. You’re probably dehydrated, y’know. With her on her back and you on your side, have her closest leg come over your body, and you’ll be able to enter. It feels a bit off at first, but just take things slow and don’t move too much in and out. Just enough.

If you want to get a bit more active, but still aren’t ready for prime-time positions, switch to the spoon position, and it’ll be the same as taking her from behind. You can even reach around and rub on her clit to give her a bit more bang with your buck.

4. Even Cowgirls get the booms…

The battle of the sexes doesn’t have to be so violent, folks. Fellas, let your lady take control and enjoy every bit of it. Ladies, hop on top and show these men you know how to lead the love revolution. Here are some tips from us to you, so you’ll both be able to have even more fun.

Ladies, you don’t have to rely on the old in/out dynamics up here. Lean back and rock back and forth on him, making circles with your hips. Gents, support her back and maybe think about rubbing her clit if she’s not doing it already. Also, those beautiful breasts are right there, if you’ve got a free hand. Just sayin’.

If you want to turn the beat around, try the reverse cowgirl! Ladies, you can just use this man for your needs and nothing else. Touching yourself just the way you need to be touched while you ride him is a great strategy, or you can have him prop his knee up and ride that big ol thigh with your clit. Make sure it’s plenty slippery!

Finally, you ladies can turn back around, and have both of you lay flat, legs out, while he’s inside you. It’s like missionary, but you’re on a mission! Plus, you’ll be tight for him and also able to control where his stallion is heading.



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After traveling the globe as the frontman for Manslide,an all-drag Fleetwood Mac cover band Stevie has taken off the skirts and scarves to settle down a bit. He now enjoys pursuits of all things manly, whether it be smoking meats, cooking for his favorite ladies, competing in beard competitions, or gazing intently into the distance. Don’t let that fool you, though. He still has all his frilly bits ready to go, and I hear that Manslide is having a reunion tour in a couple years!

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