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Swingers Club – For Him
on October 11, 2014 in Role Play


You finally build up the nerve. You and your significant other head to a swingers club.

You’ve discussed your willingness to explore a sexual encounter with another person and you’ve agreed you are both able to do whatever you want guilt free tonight.

You separate after entering the club and begin walking the labyrinth of rooms. No one else is even remotely appealing until you spot HER. She is the most vivacious and sexually enticing woman you have ever laid eyes on. She is smiling a secret smile at you!

She locks eyes with you and you are magnetically drawn to follow her as she leads you into a private room. As soon as the door locks she is on you like a sudden storm. Her energy and sexual prowess are like a force of nature!  The way she begins twisting and turning her body with yours is incredible and just the beginning of the best one night stand you’ve ever had.

Excerpt from Fantasy Affairs

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