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Spring Break – For Her

Spring Break – For Her
on October 11, 2014 in Role Play

You are both college students on spring break at a beach party. You don’t know each other, but seem to have friends in common.

His eyes meet yours as you both catch each other lusting over the other’s glistening body as you and all your friends frolic in the warm waves.

Later you know he enjoys watching you win the wet t shirt contest you enter just to tease him. You know you look hot, but you feel even hotter as his eyes seem glued to you every time you glance over at him. You can’t keep your eyes off his bare chest as you’re playing volleyball.  You have been having visual foreplay all day without ever speaking a word to each other.

After having several drinks as you stare at each other over the beach campfire that night, he walks over without a work and takes you by the hand. He leads you to the beach and barely has time to spread a blanket before the lust that has been building all day takes control and all resistance falls away. You do everything and anything together that night that you have ever wanted to do in your most secret fantasies. It’s a night you will remember far beyond college!

Excerpt from Fantasy Affairs

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