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Naughty School Teacher – For Him
on October 8, 2014 in Role Play

You love to learn, but school was never your forte. However, your desired career change necessitates taking some continuing education classes. Most of them have been dry and dull, taught by someone who can barely dress themselves, much less inspire you to excel academically. Until her. She’s changed everything. From the moment you walked into her classroom, you’ve been entranced.

Beautiful as she is brilliant, you yearn to do well in class, to stand out, to impress her. But her breathtaking appearance makes it hard to concentrate; your notes end up full of holes and you’ve been chastised more than once for being caught fantasizing when you should have been focusing. She’s had to call you out more and more lately, and it’s getting hard to bear, obviously disappointing her when you so desperately want to please.

Tonight she asks you to stay after class to discuss your performance. You feel so nervous that you’re sure you can hear your knees knocking, she waits to approach you until everyone else has left the room. So many times you have imagined being alone with her, but you never thought it would be like this. She moves over to you, in that catlike stride that’s graced so many daydreams, and sits on your desk. She asks why you’re having such a hard time focusing when you seem to care so much. You can smell her perfume and her thigh is so close to you right now. You blush, look down, stammer out a few nonsense syllables, and embarrassed look up just in time to see a sly smile of recognition spread across her face.

She hops off the desk and moves to the door, locking it and pulling the shade down over the window. As she turns back toward you, she asks, “I wonder what you would do to get a passing grade in this class. I have some extra credit assignments that could be helpful…if you put in the appropriate amount of work and apply yourself.” You’ve never been so happy for homework.

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