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Chat Room Hook Up – For Him
on October 11, 2014 in Role Play


You have visited many chat rooms and met many interesting women, but none have quite captivated you like Vixen69.

She loves to hear about your day but more importantly she wants to know about what you want to do to her at night. Your latest chat involves you swapping some very personal photos and you both realize instantly how badly you need to be together.

She gives you her address and you rush over to meet her. When she answers the door in sexy lingerie and leads you inside. Things soon turn into dirty actions. Your hands are a lot busier than when you are working a keyboard and mouse. Reality may be more dangerous then being online, but it’s so much more fun too!!  She’s grabbing your joystick even as you think this. Wow, you’re ready to hit “enter” and shes ready to let you!

Excerpt from Fantasy Affairs

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