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Benefits of Role Play

Benefits of Role Play
on June 6, 2017 in Role Play

The Internet is full of role play ideas and scenarios for giving your love life a jump, but maybe you’re not quite sold yet on why you should try incorporating a little make believe into the bedroom. If the thought of pretending to be a different person doesn’t immediately grab your fancy all by itself, we’ve got a few reasons why you might consider giving it a go anyways.

Benefits of Role PlayVariety is The Spice of Life

The easiest demonstrable benefit of role play is the variety it can add to your sex life. Over the course of long term relationships, even the hottest sex can get mired down in routine and you can find yourself stuck in a sexual rut. The challenges and requirements of daily life herd us into making our lives as predictable and manageable as possible, despite our best intentions to the opposite.

Introducing role play into your dynamic can help kickstart engagement again, helping all participants to be more present in the moment as it’s occurring. Novelty has a way of grabbing our attention and making us focus on what’s going on right in front of us. Plus, it’s hard to be stuck in a sensual slump when you’re pretending to be someone else.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Role play can also help put the importance and value back into sex by requiring preparation and planning. When we’re no longer allowed to autopilot into our ten or twenty minute routines, and must actively think about and participate in each act of seduction, pleasure is restored and intimacy deepens. Sex often lasts longer when role playing by focusing on the scenario instead of the finish, elongating each flirtation and act to delay final satisfaction, instead of directly steering towards climax.

Try Before You Buy

Another great benefit of role play is that it can allow for experimentation with new sexual preferences or proclivities in a safe and supported manner. Dip your toe into a new power dynamic, persona, outfit, sensation or toy type to test its suitability before spending large amounts of resources pursuing it in other veins. Finally, role play can help quench the desire for new partners or new kinds of sex without abandoning a preference for monogamy or sexual fidelity, or alternately, can serve as a stepping stone to opening up a sexual relationship to other partners.

These are just a few of the reasons you might want to entertain donning a new persona for the evening, but there are plenty of others; where your sexuality is concerned, the sky’s the limit! Whether you’re saving someone from a fire or being asked to stay after class, just remember to relax and to try and have fun. The whole point of role play is to introduce a new and different facet of pleasure into your sex life, so don’t overthink it. Just pick something titillating and try it out tonight!


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