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Bar Affair – For Him
on October 11, 2014 in Role Play

You’ve been drinking by yourself at your favorite bar and none of the patrons catch your attention. The music is sensual and the lights are dim and you are certainly in the mood, but it looks like you are going to spend the night alone again.

Then SHE walks in.  You have never felt like this before.  All you can think about is how badly you want to meet her, get her alone, you want to taste her lips, her skin, her……

She immediately notices you as well. You man up,  make a move and introduce yourself.  She obviously had the same lightning bolt hit her that got you.! The instant chemistry quickly becomes overpowering and it’s clear that you will be having hot sex in a matter of minutes. What’s closer her place or yours? You’ve got to get there NOW!

Excerpt from Fantasy Affairs

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