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Bad Boy Bartender – For Her
on October 11, 2014 in Role Play


It’s Thursday night and you are at your favorite bar. It’s not the drinks you fancy, but the hunky and muscular shirtless bartender who serves them to you. He recognizes your flirtation and returns it flirt for flirt with a sly smile, but you often wonder if he is flirting back for big tips or is he genuinely interested.

You find out soon enough though as you notice a note scribbled on the cocktail napkin of your next drink  instructing you to meet him after closing. You enjoy a few more cocktails while exchanging glances and you notice you and he are the last two remaining in the bar. He locks the door and dims the lights and soon you are shirtless too. Your bodies slide and grind against each other on the dimmed dance floor to soft sensual music and your months of hot fantasies soon become an even hotter reality.

Excerpt from Fantasy Affairs

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