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What About Those Vibrators?

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Ironically, vibrators were invented because doctors’ arms and wrists were getting tired doing “pelvic massages” to calm down Victorian women experiencing “symptoms of hysteria”. With the advent of the early vibrators, doctors got relief from this chore. Chore? We all need O’s to be happy and healthy! Those ladies got them how they could! Yeah doc, massage me!

In the early 1900’s, vibrators were electrified and sold through catalogues and ladies magazines like the Woman’s Home Companion and the Sears and Roebuck Catalogue. As a matter of fact they were the 5th household item to be electrified right after the sewing machine, fan, tea kettle and toaster, and way before the vacuum cleaner and electric iron. The need was there. Unfortunately, with the advent of early porn films that featured vibrators in the 30’s, society (men?) became so uncomfortable that they stopped these sales.

But by the groovy 60’s, vibrators were back to stay! And the good news is that they just keep getting better and better! There are so many brands, styles and options available and The Little Shop of O’s has what we consider the best of the best all in one place for your convenience and with a discrete shipping label that will never raise an eyebrow.

Here is what today’s vibrator market offers; Clitoral stimulators like bullets, eggs, and lipsticks and many you probably know by brand names, vaginal and anal that are targeted for the G spot, P spot, Y spot, or just plain penis shaped for good old fashioned “fill you up” pleasure! These are all great alone or with your partner too. For both, there are Stimulators and cock rings.  There are plenty of fun vibrator options for men like male masturbators, sexual enhancers and men’s toys.

In short there is not only something(special) for everyone, there are a lot of special items that will really enhance your sexual experience with your partner, or when your partner can’t be with you.

We at O’s enjoy the products we sell and, while we have not had the time to try them all out, we have tried and enjoyed many items in most categories of vibrators for her, him, and them! If you enjoy them too, please sign up for our newsletter and review your favorites. Your review (first name or nickname) may be chosen to be shown on the site. Also as a bonus you get a 10% discount on your next order for signing up for the newsletter.

So use Vibrators for fun and relief – Save doctors’ arms!
Check out the video below to see one of the latest high tech vibrators.