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Sex Toys For Men?

So often we associate sex toys with women and their vibrators.

But did you know that half of the people that buy sex toys are men and they tend to spend a bit more on sex toys than women?

So much for stereotypes.

Granted, men usually buy couples sex toys and sex toys for their partners, but there seems to be a new sex toy for men coming out almost on a daily basis.

If you’re a guy and new to sex toys, here are some sexy toys for men that are worth checking out.

Male Sex ToysMale Masturbators

When Rosie Palm gets a bit boring, spice up your alone time with something that’s a little more realistic like a male masturbator. Some are very discreet looking and are designed to look like everyday objects like flashlights, coffee cups, cans and even eggs. There are some that are designed to look like your favorite porn star’s mouth, vaginabooty or even more than one orifice as well as some that are textured inside, work like penis pumps or vibrate. While nothing beats being with a real live partner, male masturbators are a great way to change things up with fantasy partners or just enjoy some different pleasurable sensations. The options are almost limitless.


Men’s genitals are just as sensitive as women’s and more and more guys are getting up the nerve to titillate all those sensitive nerve endings with vibrators for masturbation and couples play. The Original Magic Wand  is a top go-to pick for men and there are newer and more modern versions of wand vibrators that are USB rechargeable, have more speeds, and are made with silicone that make them more body safe and easier to clean.

But not all guys want to be knocked out clear across the room with a heavy-duty powered vibrator or they want something easier that’s smaller or more discreet. There’s no shame in that. Sometimes a lighter, softer vibration can send a man skyrocketing in a very different way. Bullet vibrators are great alternatives that suit all of those purposes. There are some that are battery powered and inexpensive and luxury models that are rechargeable and have tons of vibration options.

Cock Rings

To guys who have hang-ups about cock rings being for guys who can’t keep it up, get over yourselves. Think how good it would feel to have stronger and longer lasting erections. Why say “No” to that? Most cock rings are inexpensive, stretchy and made from rubber  or silicone that are easy to slide on and off your cock and balls. There are metal cock rings and adjustable cock rings made of leather too.

Why not double your pleasure with a vibrating cock ring? Vibrating cock rings come with one or two small vibrating motors  to give your balls and/or your partner’s clitoris an extra tingle as well as giving your shaft a stirring sensation. If you’re new to vibrating cock rings or just want to change things up just for fun, there are lots of inexpensive disposable options. When you’re ready to commit, there are cock rings with replaceable batteries or are USB rechargeable.