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Sex Toys for Couples

Ready to have the hottest sessions you have ever had?

Sex Toys For Couples at the Little Shop of O'sYour question may be; why would a couple want to try sex toys? How about role playing or bondage? Our question would be why wouldn’t they?

If you have great sex, couldn’t it be even better? Is the great sex you are having great for you both? Are you sure? Do you have fantasies, desires not yet fulfilled? Are you really having the best sex ever? Does she squirt regularly and have many orgasms each time you play? Does he have orgasms so strong that he growls or screams and his head jerks back involuntarily as his whole body locks up in pleasure?

You may want to try sex toys for couples and all that goes with them.

Set the mood with love coupons, games, candles and scents. A lover’s massage with scented or edible oils.

Share your fantasies throughout the day and then show up in costume that night. School girl, maid, teacher, nurse? Something more exotic perhaps? And what should he come through the door as? Police officer, Fed Ex Guy, biker? That is for you to decide. One hint here. It’s much more fun for both if you can stay in character. You then have the freedom to be that fantasy person. Do what they would do, not what you would do. Costumes  are fun and can liberate you from any inhibitions you have,  helping you enhance your intimacy as a couple as you explore fantasies together.

Panties and handcuff sex toysAnd once you get to the bedroom (or wherever you were planning to get to tonight…hot tub, hotel, seashore or forest…you pick), sex toys, adult pleasure products, or just “The Toys” (call them what you wish) will continue to enhance the romance! Everyone can be a sex god or goddess with the right toys and a little imagination! You can tease, torment, and thrill each other for hours on end. It only has to stop when you are both totally satisfied and, if you are like most of us who have found sex toys for couples, you will already be planning your next session before you fall asleep.

A little shy? Then start slowly and enjoy. You will find that you are probably not as shy as you thought you were!

More outgoing? Look at Bondage and restraint as your next fantasy to conquer!

While Sex toys may not be for everyone, many millions more people each year are finding out that sex toys definitely ARE something that they want to incorporate into their  love lives.

Having great sex? Good, we are too!!!