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Sex in the Shower: Clean, Dirty and Safe Fun

There’s nothing quite like the feel of two bodies in motion during sex.

The only things better – and steamier — are two wet, soapy and slippery bodies melding into one in the shower.

sex in the showerBut let’s be realistic – tubs and tiles are slippery, too.  A slip and fall in the shower isn’t exactly the way to make it hurt so good unless you practice safe shower sex.

Sportsheets’ Sex in the Shower line of products helps make shower sex just as hot, if not hotter than sex on any dry surface.  The base of the Single Locking Suction Handle  sticks tightly on any smooth surface and can be placed anywhere you want on the shower wall to position yourself in just the right way.  A tab on the side makes it easy to move or take off the wall. Plus, the sturdy plastic handles are comfortable enough to get a good, firm grip and can withstand some vigorous action. The handles (they’re sold singly; you’ll want to get four) are great for doggie style or anal sex. They’re also great for placing on the side of the tub to sit or squat comfortably and securely for oral fun.

If it helps to keep a leg up to get in the right position, there’s also a Sex in the Shower Single Locking Foot Rest  that works just like the suction handle.

The Sex in the Shower Loofah Doggie Style Strap is another way to have some wet rear-entry fun. Wrap the loofah or terry cloth sides around your partner’s belly to give your partner some extra tactile stimulation and hold onto the adjustable looped handles on the ends of the strap for control. It’s also a great way to give your back a good scrub when showering alone.

Shaving your partner can be just as much fun as having sex in the shower.

There are tons of cremes that are designed to prevent rashes and ingrown hairs that smell good – like goji berry, plumeria and forbidden fruit. Guys, you’re covered, too, with the warm, pheromone-inducing scents of green vine and rosemary.   If you want to get creative in a kinky way, add a bikini styler or a stencil to your shaving kit.

adult-toys-austin-waterproof-vibrating-sponge male shower sex toysWhile a lot of vibrators on the market are waterproof, give your partner or yourself an extra soapy tingle with a Sex in the Shower Vibrating Sponge or Vibrating Sea Foam Sponge.  Your nosiest houseguest will never know that there’s a waterproof vibrating bullet hidden inside.

One of our favorites is the powerful KEY by Jopen’s powerful and irresistible Pyxis Finger Massager. This smooth and comfortable toy easily slips onto your finger and has 5 patterns of strong vibrations. It is made with body safe silicone and it’s waterproof with a rechargeable body (USB charging cord included).

While you’re getting a good, clean scrub in the dirtiest way, lather up in an aphrodisiac-scented body wash in acai or blue lotus. A scented body scrub will keep your skin touchable and craveable long after you’re out of the shower.