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A Primer on Mood Setting

To get a fire going, sometimes all you need is a match. Other times, it requires kindling, shelter and proper wood placement (heh). Sometimes it even requires a helluva lot of lighter fluid to get things going. Sex can be the same way: sometimes it just works, and sometimes you have to work at it. Creating an atmosphere in which all parties feel sexually desirable and available is an artform, and gets easier the better you know your partner/s and yourself. We’ve got some helpful hints on how to get their fire going and get you both feeling hot and happy.

Be Scent-sual

Scent is one of our most viscerally engaging senses, and does so in a way subtle enough to sneak in the side door. Try weaving an alluring web for your lover by lighting candles or incense, blanketing the very air with sensuality. Time-honored fragrances such as vanilla and sandalwood have been known to have an erotic effect, and are always good choices. Or step it up a notch with a candle that melts into heated oil, which can be used for massage, such as our JimmyJane Afterglow in Bourbon or Kama Sutra Massage Candle in Island Passion.

Let’s also not forget about the power of scent on our own bodies to attract and compel. Use a little Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sexy Body Mist or System JO Pheromone Deodorant for Men to combine the powers of keeping away stank and chemical signaling. Hello sexy smells! Finally, try spritzing some Smooth As Velvet Spray in Pear Blossom on your bed to make your sheets silky soft and sweet. Plus, it helps absorb odor and perspiration. Win all around!

Lavish Your Lover

A little bit of pampering can go a long way when it comes to making someone feel special, and that can lead to feeling sexy. Leave a trail of Dona Rose Petals to the bedroom, or even better, to a tub full of hot water and Gold Diamond Shimmer Love Bubbles. You can let them soak solo, preferably with a carefully crafted cocktail delivered tubside, or try some double bubble trouble for slippery soapy fun.

After bath time, use massage to further relax and stimulate them simultaneously. Using lotions or oils can heighten both the quality of your rubdown and its arousing effects. Titillate them even further with warming oils that add an element of heat when breathed upon, such as Body Heat or edible ones that can be licked, nibbled or even sucked off of various body parts, like Sex Syrup. Want to up your game even further? Invest in a helpful tool such as the Roller Balls Glove Massager or the tantalizing Octopleaser Body Massager to make you a bodywork pro.

Don’t Forget Framing

Finally, never underestimate the appeal of lingerie. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book because it works. Sometimes, the sight of you in leather or lace is all your partner needs to rev their engine into overdrive. Slip into an open cup underwire, flirty babydoll or a pair of crotchless panties; go all out and get a whole sexy set. Dare to wear something out of your comfort zone and see what new adventures await you. Good luck and good lovin’ to you!