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Male Sexual Enhancers and Stimulants

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Male Enhancement Toys - Little Shop Of OsThe legendary lover, Casanova, is said to have eaten 10 dozen oysters a day to enhance his sexual powers. It is said that he conquered legions of maidens and matrons throughout Europe. Don Juan, another historically notable lover who devoted much of his life to the seduction of as many women as possible, also had his own food and drink regimen to make him superior when he got his conquests alone. Did their aphrodisiacs work? They certainly believed they did, and they DID make the history books, didn’t they? Indeed, their very names are synonymous with being a great lover!

Who uses stimulants, sex toys and enhancers? Men from 18 to way past 80, that’s who. Men who want quicker recovery time, so they can get right back in the game, use them. Men who ejaculate too fast or too slow also use them. Men who, at 40 or 50, want to feel 18 again for the weekend (and share that with their partner) are also big fans of sexual enhancers and stimulants. If you have not tried male enhancement toys or sexual stimulants to up your game then you are more in the minority than you might think.

Here is the good news. Many of the male sexual enhancers and stimulants on the market really do work well.  While we can give some guidance on the subject, you will have to experiment a bit to find just the right product for your needs as they do seem to vary a little with the individual. All of the products we will list below will get you harder faster, and help you recover quicker. If you are a 3 times a day guy you may become a 5 times a day guy. If you are a little older and are now a once a day guy or less, you will be delighted when you find just the right product as you will see a great difference in not only your performance, but also your sex drive. If you do not get as hard as you want, or as hard as you used to, then, again, you’re going to like sexual enhancers and stimulants a LOT! But different men experience different reactions with the same set of products so you will have to experiment to find the one that you like best. Don’t worry; the experimenting is a whole lot of fun!

Some of these will have more effect than others. Some will make you less sensitive, like Viagra can. Some will make you more sensitive. With some, your recovery time will improve greatly, and less with others. A few may give you a headache especially if you take them on an empty stomach. When you find the one you like best you will indeed get harder, last longer, have fantastic explosive orgasms, and recover more quickly than normal. Your interest in sex will also be enhanced. (By the supplement or by your enhanced performance? Who can say for sure?) We are not just guessing here, we have tried them and talked to quite a few other men that have too. Add male sexual enhancers and stimulants to your arsenal of sexual weapons!!

Here are a few of the many male sexual enhancers and stimulants that we sell in our sex store to begin finding the perfect match for your needs. Most are also priced way below what you would pay at your local adult toy store too! Enjoy the experiment – Find the perfect one for you – Give her all you’ve got!