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Lingerie Plus Size

Lingerie Plus SizeCould you be considered to be Rubenesque?  Are you an “hourglass” with a little (or a lot) of emphasis on the “hour”?  Is a lingerie shopping trip a depressing endeavor?  We have great news for you!  Your shopping trip doesn’t have to be a major ordeal!  You can find lingerie that will hide your trouble spots while making you look and feel sexy right here at Little Shop Of O’s!

To lower your frustration level while shopping, check out the build of your body before you begin your search.  This way, you can decide what you want to display as well as the areas that you want to disguise.  Is an abundant cleavage one of your best assets?  Do you have difficulty with lingerie because there is no support to show off your breasts?  The halter top style of negligee works wonders by lifting and supporting so you can still feel sexy.  Having proper support for your breasts can also make your waist look narrower.

Are you a circle or an apple shape?  Is your belly something that you want to disguise?  The best style for women in this category is the baby doll or the empire waist.  Both of these styles are loose and flowing in the midsection and are a great way to minimize this area while bringing attention to your breasts, arms and legs.  Corsets combined with a sexy bra and panties can also manage this problem area.

For the triangle or pear shape (those who have an ample bottom), a great camouflage would be a negligee that is a little longer and flows loosely over your hips.  Darker colors and a push-up bra also help to flatter your body style.

If you are a true hourglass shape, you want lingerie that will emphasize your narrow waist while flattering your breasts and hips.  A teddy or tight-fitting camisole and pretty panties will do the trick for you.

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