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The Kama Sutra Company began back in the 60’s during the era of hippies, flower power, and free love. While those ideas and ideals have either faded away or been absorbed into main stream culture as time has gone by, the world of Kama Sutra products has only become richer, fuller, and more sensual over the last 40 years and is better and hotter than ever.

The Kama Sutra that dates back thousands of years may well be the oldest sex manual in existence. But the sex manual is only one part of seven that make up the entire Kama Sutra. Taken as a whole it is a guide to a happy, virtuous, prosperous, and sensual life.

Kama Surtra Raspberry Treasure Trove available at Little Shop Of Os

Kama Sutra creates vibrantly colored, beautifully packaged lines of sensual massage oils, body flavoring such as Honey Dust and Strawberry Dreams, fantastically scented massage candles and aromatic body and bath oils for your pleasure before, during, and after your love play! They are so incredible that they may well become part of your daily self-pampering even when your lover is away! And why not, you deserve it, right?

Kama Sutra products embody the warm spirit of open sensuality and sexuality, are good for the skin and the senses, and heighten arousal through elements of scent, taste, touch, and feel as lovers add these awesome products to their lives!!