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Intensity by Jopen


Intensity by Jopen

Intensity by Jopen VibratorsA revolutionary and amazing product!

Intensity by Jopen is the new pleasure product from JOPEN®, the makers of Vanity™. It is a vibrator AND a Kegel exerciser that automatically strengthens and tones the muscles responsible for intensifying orgasms. It tones and tightens internal muscles as it stimulates. Intensity™ vibrators feel intense. They not only feel good but is also really good for you because it strengthens your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle).

The PC is a muscle that is essential to sexual health.  It stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone, forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supports the pelvic organs. Unfortunately this muscle can weaken for a number of reasons in women; childbirth, low estrogen levels, menopause and even lack of use. Just like any muscle, “use or lose it”. If you have a  strong PC muscle, it enhances sexual pleasure for you and your partner. If it is weak, you can have some embarrassing leakage; finding yourself leaking urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh. This unfortunate side effect is actually quite common in women.

One of the most popular ways to strengthen the PC muscle is with an exercise known as a “Kegel.” The Intensity vibrator actually helps you workout the PC muscle. When you inflate Intensity to the desired size, the silver stimulation pads make contact with the PC muscle with its five levels of vibration and ten levels of stimulation. There are also vibrating ticklers for external stimulation, while a raised nodule massages the G-spot.  The original design was for a medical device to strengthen the PC muscle; however, this device is a great little multitasker. Which exercise would you prefer doing…traditional Kegels or Kegels with Intensity by Jopen?

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