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California Exotics

California Exotics Sex Toys

Sex Toys created for a Woman by Women

In the sex toy industry, which until recently had been dominated by men, a new company emerged about 15 years ago owned by a woman, and where women were the developers and decision makers about the sex toys to be made and marketed for women. Although this sounds a bit obvious to us, it was a pretty revolutionary thing at the time. This was the beginning of California Exotics Sex Toys!

Women designed the first and succeeding lines of products with quality, durability, and safe materials that would do the job and stand up to the test of time, even when they are a favorite toy and used often (which many are). They feature a top quality line of waterproof Jack Rabbit and Butterfly Kiss vibrators which, as you probably already know, are designed to provide some pretty awesome vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously that drive women wild,  whether used alone or with a lover! These toys hit the exact hot spots that send women over the edge and became very popular, causing California Exotics to rapidly rise to prominence in the sex toy industry and receive many AVN and XBiz awards. CE was the first company in the industry as far as we know that sent a registration card out with each product so you could register them online, and if there ever was an issue where they didn’t hold up they would honor their warranty quickly and without question and a new toy would be quickly forthcoming.  Also available are their silcone sisters: silcone Jack Rabbit and silcone Butterfly Kiss.

We and many of our customers and friends are glad we have included California Exotics sex toys products in our large sex toy selection. They are quite reasonably priced compared to many other middle to high end products of similar design and as we mentioned above, they are durable and get the job done! We have all bought toys over the years that we were excited about until we received and tried them, and, well, they just were not quite “all that”, and we had a big let down. 🙁  That has never been the case with California Exotics products. We have always been extremely satisfied with the end result… the BIG O! 😉 If you like products that vibrate, thrust, flex, and do everything but just lay there, you have to try California Exotics. Click any of the hyperlinks in this article, browse a little until just the right product catches your eye, and order it! Typical turn around is 3-4 days for shipping! We know you’ll be glad you did!