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Butterfly Kiss Sex Toy

Sex on the phone with the Butterfly Kiss vibrator sex toy available at Little Shop of O'sI could just do a sex toy review but I would prefer to tell you all about how the most erotic night of my life was spent by myself. Well, sort of. Just me and my never failing, trusty Butterfly Kiss vibrator…and a gorgeous stranger on the other end of my cellular phone. I felt naughty at the thought of what was about to transpire through the fantasies of my text messages. He was lonely in a hotel room on a business trip and I had the house to myself and maybe a few glasses of wine that made me feel particularly brave. I was feeling frisky and it was apparent he was too. He assured me it was harmless, just a fun time between two consenting adults, and if I were to get uncomfortable at any time we would quit. This eased my reluctance and talked me into the sexcapade that was to ensue.

He instructed me to create my desired ambiance before we began. I dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, put on my favorite “getting down” playlist and sent my dog to the living room to have my utmost privacy. He then told me to pick out something I feel sexy in from my wardrobe. I then carefully selected my softest, silkiest, slinkiest nightie and slipped into bed. He proceeded to guide me into the beginning stages of the adventure. He told me to describe my toy and how many speeds it employed. I have to say this, if he’s anything, he’s thorough.

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator available at Little Shop of O'sUpon further instruction, I turn on my vibrator on it’s lowest speed and caress my entire body except my crotch. He wanted me to yearn for it, to be completely helpless without his approving of me using it. The visuals he painted had me panting, wishing he were actually there. He was strong with his words, confident, telling me to imagine him in front of me, staring at me…not moving his gaze but slowly working his hands up my thighs and back down. I continued to follow his set of rules (I mean why wouldn’t I?! This man had me rolling around in agony and pleasure already and I hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff!)

He told me to imagine the first time his moist tongue was to rest against my clit and to move my body into my sex toy as I did, slow and firm. It was glorious. Did I mention this man was stunningly handsome and chiseled? As he tutored me towards what was to be a very drawn out series of orgasms, I couldn’t help but giggle at what I was doing. I had never met this guy and here I was sharing such an intimate and taboo experience with him. Needless to say I was feeling pretty rebellious. He told me to put my phone on my bed and start recording, no music in the background, no moaning – he strictly wanted to hear the sounds of the butterfly sex toy and my body moving to get myself off. I do as I’m told and again I feel like school girl breaking the rules.

Next I get on all fours like he says and continue to maneuver the vibrator all over my skin as I read the words he had typed on the screen to make this all worth while. I call him again. This time he wants me to moan into the phone which comes natural with the ecstasy he has me wandering through. I do as I’m told along with the sexually breathed “fuck” that he desires for me to utter before hanging up after 10 seconds. The only words I was allowed to say were “fuck” and “now”.

As he rounds the curve to a home run on his end he calls me and we explode with pleasure in unison. The chemistry spoke for itself. This man was now my Mr. Grey. Not only was he older and more experienced than I was, but he took the reigns like no other man I had ever been with. He delivered just what the doctor had prescribed and man did I feel better. I reveled in my experience once we said our good-nights and slept the after hours away with the type of smile you could never tell your mother about.

If you haven’t tried the Butterfly Kiss vibrator, it’s a definite must.  If you have tried it, Little Shop of O’s would love to have you add your sex toy review right here.