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Boobs, Glorious Boobs!

A scientific study found that 70% of women don’t like their boobs. WOW that is a lot!!  Ladies … why???

In media, whether it’s advertising or porn, the breasts we see are of models, and many of them are the work of artful surgeons or talented photographers and editors. We often don’t get to see the breasts of women like the rest of us. Whether they’re big or small, plump or pert, they’re amazing in so many ways.

That same study says that most men have no complaints about your girls. How often do men make more boob contact than eye contact? Think about your man’s reaction when you unveil those marvelous mammeries. Doesn’t he just go ga-ga? Has he ever complained?

edibles on woman's boobsMen say they like how boobs feel. Even if they can’t explain why they like how they feel, think about how much men love to caress, massage and fondle them. Doesn’t that feel good for you, too? Once he starts licking, sucking and biting on your nipples, think about how your libido starts shooting through the ceiling. To a large extent, boobs are often the start of the ying-yang effect of foreplay that escalates to all of those other sensations that they make your toes curl.

When you masturbate, don’t you find yourself clasping your cuppage? Stimulating your nipples with a set of clamps can jump start vaginal or clitoral play big time.

When it comes down to it, it’s not so much about how breasts look but what they do.
What’s not to like about that?

If you’re still hung up about how your breasts look, the right style bra or lingerie set will show off what you have and make you feel sexy. A-cups give the illusion of a fuller shape for smaller cupped women. Cone-shaped bras are a great fake-out. Padded bras and lingerie sets with underwires give a bit of plumpness to cleavage. So do bustiers and corsets. If you have larger breasts, thicker straps are your best supportive friend.

Ladies, love your boobs! Hold them, squeeze them, flaunt them. The more your love your boobs, the more you’ll love your sexual self!