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The Re-Taking of Kate
on July 6, 2016 in Erotica
Book 2 in the Journey Into Submission story

Excerpt 1

the retaking of kate by Khul WatersShe put her receiver down and waited as she dried herself. Her mind was not on her body but on the decision she had made while down on Bruny Island. She was going to seize what she could from this relationship. She became aware that her nipples were aching and was surprised to see her fingers pulling at them. Realising this did not stop her from continuing to arouse herself.

It was not till fifteen minutes later that the phone rang again. She grabbed it, waited for the line to clear and held her breath.


“Darling, I’m so sorry that I was so long!”

She sighed happily as she heard his deep voice. “The damned phone technician had to re-do the wiring back to the street terminal.”

“It’s okay. I had lots of things I needed to do. I’m just out of the shower.” She heard his low growl as he was hit by an image of her sitting there naked. She laughed but her voice shook in response to his sudden flare of arousal.

“Are you alone now, baby?” she asked.

“Yes, though I now wish I was there with you. I find myself aroused by so many things with you. Most of my online time was spent making others aroused but with you I have to continually adjust my cock as it surges and throbs.”

Her voice trembled as she replied, “Well, there’s no need for you to adjust it, when we’re both alone. I wish I were there to take it out for you. To squeeze along it and,” she laughed throatily, “especially to take it inside my mouth and show you how much I lust after that beautiful cock of yours.”

She was already highly aroused from her fingers on her breasts, but his voice was like an aphrodisiac to her. Now that he was living alone she was not going to waste any time with coyness. She had made her decision. She was going to ride life alongside of him and that shared life, whether online or on the phone or together physically, would be one of unrestrained sensuality.

He groaned much more loudly as he reacted to her clear statement of her lust.

“Darling, let me take my phone to the bedroom. Will you lie on your bed for me?”

She agreed and lay down on her side. She pulled the towel away from her waist and tossed it at the corner chair. It missed by a long way but she stayed where she was. She cradled the headset between the pillow and her ear and waited for him. She heard his strong laugh and then the creak of wood as he stretched out on his bed.

“God, I can’t believe what you do to me!” he told her as he described his frantic efforts to wriggle out of his shorts with only one hand. “There! Now I’m as I should be for you. I’m naked.” She heard him groan. “And my cock is in my hand. You know it should be in your hand, baby. Or, better still, inside of you.”

She struggled to keep her flaring arousal under control. Now that she had removed the barriers that held her back from a conscious submission to him, her freed soul was surging. She could feel her joyful arousal swamping her. She knew from his voice that he was experiencing something very similar. She could hear his low groans and her mind was flashing images of him lying naked on his bed with his hand pulling slowly up and down his swollen shaft.

“I must tell you something before I lose all ability to express myself. While down on Bruny, I decided that however crazy it still seems, that whatever the consequences in the real world for me,” she paused before continuing, “I want to be yours – body and soul, love and lust.”

He did not speak for some time, so she added, “This is just what I feel. You don’t have to make any kind of commitment to me. Not until you want to.”

She heard a wonderful, unrestrained laugh from him.

“Baby, you’ve become the entire focus of my life. I can’t explain it, but neither can I fight against the powerful waves of joy that blow me away every time I’m with you. When I’m with you I lose all sense. I lose all awareness of the world. When I’m apart from you, my mind is filled with your face and your love and your joy. I spend all my time counting down the minutes till we can talk and laugh and love. I’ve never felt such a strength of love for anyone in my life before. I want to spend my life with you. I cannot do otherwise.”

She sighed with contentment. Whatever happened she would not regret this moment of final release.

“Yesterday I wrote a poem for you. I want to read it to you now.” She heard his laugh again. “My brain may as well be given to a hospital, baby! Maybe they can find some use for it, as it clearly doesn’t work right for me! I, finally, have you naked on a bed and can hear your wonderful voice and I stop stroking my throbbing cock because I can’t wait to read you a poem?”

She laughed and offered him the address of a good medical institution in Melbourne. Then she told him she would be thrilled to hear his words to her. She heard him shuffling papers and then clear his voice.

“It’s called ‘Will you ride the wild tiger with me?’ I felt you needed to hear this from me. I’ve no idea why! I just found myself writing.”

He began to read his poem to her.

“Love is a strange beast –

It can hurt with its joy

sear with its lust

heal with its throb

protect with its strength.

Yet Kate it is all!

Life is what we allow it –

We can choose to lie

future-pain protected

or we can grab its throat

riding the wild tiger.

I will not lie quietly!

I will ride and ride.

My life is my own to choose

and yours is yours, my love,

so do not fear my future hurt

when you choose yours.

Grab the tiger’s throat!

Hang on to it and me!

Ride joyously all of your life

eyes-wide with life-lust

with fingers tight in mine

and spit in the tiger’s eye.

Will you ride the wild tiger?

Will you ride it with me, Kate?”

His voice rose in strength as he read. At the end his voice trailed away as he waited for her response. She was struck silent. His ability to tune in to her thoughts and feelings was unnerving. This time, he had stated what she felt before she had told him of it.

“You amaze me! On Bruny I met a wonderful woman, Mildred, who offered me some wise advice. What she told me and what I accepted is just what your poem so beautifully captures.” Her awe was clear in her voice.

He laughed but with a tinge of embarrassment. She knew he did not handle compliments easily. A trait she shared with him. “Well, I just wrote what my soul wanted to say. But, I’m very happy that you like it.” He laughed again, “You do like it?”

“Yes, you silly man. I love it!” she laughed back at him. “While I’ll never understand how we are what we are, I’ve finally accepted what my soul has been trying to tell me all along. What we have is real and I want to share it with you.”

She heard his sigh of joy at her unequivocal acceptance of their love.

“I kinda knew this from the tone in your voice, darling!”

She could almost see him smiling.

“You know I feel the same. And I, for my part, can’t seem to call you anything but ‘darling’ now, darling.”

He laughed again.

She felt her soft joy rising as she listened to his words. The love he felt for her and the love he felt for life moved her more than she could ever express to him. She opened herself to him then and felt the words that she wanted to say come flooding up from her soul. He responded with his own joy. Their words became throatier as mutual passion flowed backwards and forwards between them. They began to make love over the phone far more intimately than anything possible on the Internet. They touched and kissed and held each other with their loving words. Her decision to give her all was not one she took lightly.

He felt her softness flowing over him. It caressed him. It sought out his strength and became one with it. He was enflamed and consumed by her love.

For both of them it was a wonderfully intimate sharing of needs.

Afterwards, their hearts lay together. They talked of many things—of their past lives and their future hopes and, especially and often, of their love…

Excerpt 2

He lifted his mouth from her throat to tease her but she knew this man. He would not stop now. She knew he had wanted to taste her since the first day they had made love on the phone.

“Please don’t stop, Miles! I have imagined your mouth on me for so long. Now it’s there I don’t ever want it to leave my body.”

She tilted her head back so that her throat was fully exposed to his mouth.

He took full advantage of her submission to his mouth. As she writhed against it, his hands opened her silk dress. His fingers freed her breasts from her bra and he bent to kiss each one gently. Then his mouth returned to her throat and continued to suck and lick across it. His fingers traced lightly around her nipples before his thumbnails scraped hard across the tips of both. She lay across the table with her body open to his mouth and his hands, and her eyes fluttered closed. Her breathing again became laboured as he began to arouse her slowly.

She knew this man. He would now take her. He would use her lovingly but fully. He had taken her repeatedly on the phone, driving her upwards and upwards until she begged for release. Then he would swamp her with his arousal and drag her groaning into her orgasm.

And take her he did. Leisurely but completely. His hands were large and his fingers thick and strong. He used them on her breasts. He teased her with them, lovingly stroking her and then more powerfully using them on her breasts. Just when she was losing control, he stopped and brought his lips back up to hers. He kissed her softly and deeply. She leaned into his lips, wanting them anywhere on her.

But, oh, his hands were alive on her! They stroked and pulled and rubbed. They left her nipples suddenly and tickled down across her belly. His mouth followed them downwards, drawn to the places his hands had used. His lips slid down between her breasts and then his tongue licked under each before his lips sucked back up the undersides. His mouth consumed her.

When his teeth closed around her nipple she felt herself spiral down deep inside herself. When they dragged back along it and squeezed the tip, she lost awareness of the world. All her senses were focused on his teeth and lips and tongue.

At least they were until she felt his fingers open her. Open her and hold her open. The soft caress of air along the length of her and the sudden pulsing of her clit took her breath away. His mouth left her breasts. It sucked down across her belly. She could feel her body trembling with anticipation. Yet she was lost so far inside herself that it seemed like it was another woman’s body that lay under him. His mouth was her focus. She writhed under it. Her body was flaring with the sensations that his mouth imposed onto her. She waited. She felt her core flare and then begin to melt. She did not remember breathing. She no longer felt the hard table under her. All she felt was his mouth alive over her. She waited for it to be inside her…

* * * *

Miles slowed his descent to her waiting slit. He was highly aroused, but all his focus was on her, was on the messages her body sent to him through his lips and tongue and teeth. He was arousing her body in slow, measured steps. He stopped to suck in the hollows beside her hips. Softly, he lapped and licked there, lost in the feeling of the softness of her flesh. Loving the rising scent of her arousal. Despite his own clamped control, he shuddered as the smouldering musky smell of his lover entered him. I am finally here where I have longed to be.

She was lying under him, spread on the table like a banquet for a starving man. And the scent of her arousal caused his hunger to spike suddenly and sharply from deep inside him. It surged out of him in a wave that overwhelmed him. And then, as his mouth writhed down onto her bare mound, he overwhelmed her. His tongue entered her with all the pent-up desire that had been locked inside him.

* * * *

She felt the force of his need as his mouth made love to her open clitoris. She felt his lips sliding over her, pulling at her, kissing her, pressing down onto her. He rode the dizzying waves of her arousal instinctively, licking when she needed to be licked, biting when she wanted to shudder, pulling when she yearned to be stretched.

She was beyond thought. She was being pulled along by his sudden burst of passion for her. She was being dragged up and towards the abyss. As her joy flowed over and through him, their separate joys spiralled rapidly around each other. Neither knew nor cared who led or who followed and in truth they were now one. As she began to shudder from deep inside, the waves of her release dragged him over with her, making his mouth find her opening and bite at her. And she was pulled down by him towards the release they both needed. They shook as one; they came as one. Both were lost inside the other and inside themselves.

As her awareness returned, she saw he had sunk to his knees on the floor with his face resting on her inner thigh and his lips slowly sucking at her clitoris. His eyes were closed and she felt the hot and ragged panting of his breath rubbing inside her slit. She reached down and tenderly ran her hands through his hair. He did not open his eyes but continued to kiss her gently.

She felt such a tenderness towards this man. She leaned on his strength and he on her softness. Together they were something sublimely intimate. Together they were one joy flowing and ebbing between two bodies. She sighed loudly with the contentment that washed over her…

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