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Tables Turned

Tables Turned
on December 11, 2017 in Erotica

So, my best friend said that he had a friend from home who was new in town, and that she needed someone to show her around. Also, that she was single and gorgeous. None of it was a lie, and we had a great date, and I found myself on her doorstep. Not even knowing what came over me, I asked for a kiss, and fuck, did she kiss me – she kissed me in a way that I could feel down to the very bottom of my feet..

“So, what’s next?”, I asked her.

“Well, from THAT, I’m kind of under the impression you’d like to fuck me. How’re you going to warm me up?”

“Direct like that? I bet you would like a nice spanking.”

“Mmmmm, you’re not wrong, but do you think you can give me that spanking?”


“Oh, really? ‘Sure’? That’s the best you can do to get me going? Watch yourself.”

“What do you mean watch myself? I’ll have you bent over and begging for me in minutes.”

“Yeah, hotshot? Only one way I take that deal. Especially with how eager you are.”

“What’s that?”

“So, you try to top me like you were saying. See if you can keep me in line with that spanking, but if I get bored, or if you forget to hold my hand back enough to keep me out of mischief… well, I just might get myself free, and I just might not want to sit here bottoming for you anymore.”

“Yeah, what then?”

“Then, I get a turn with you. A try at whatever I want. If it bores you, you get to try again.”

“And so on?”

“And so on. Until one of us is begging, and one of us is in control. And remember, if this goes too far, or if you’re really getting hurt, or this just has to stop, all that has to happen is one of us says ‘Permian Extinction’, and we can get out of whatever situation we’re in.”

Holy fuck, my cock is twitching so much. I have no idea what the hell I’ve gotten myself into. “Hurry up, boyo, your turn”, she teases me. I find a convenient table, and I guide her to it. My hands are firm, but I might be shaking a bit as I pull her pants down. And of course she’s not wearing underwear. My temperature rises further.

“You going to hit me?”

“Oh, it’s time now”, I growl to her. I need to focus. I place my hand on her ass, cupping it to her shape, admiring her, and I quickly let out a few soft taps on each cheek, warming them up. She lets out a soft moan. I start to give her harder spanks, letting my touch stay even. She raises herself up to meet my hand as my pace quickens and deepens. I begin to lose myself in lust and excitement to look down and see her, just in time for her hand to catch my hand. I try to raise it up again, but she holds firm, turning around and giving me a slight twist. Fuck, she’s strong.

“Jesus, you’re getting repetitive. My turn.” I don’t really have much of a choice. She was clearly able to take back charge, after I gave her my best–well, my best until I let my dick distract me.

“I’m going to need you to strip and stand right here,” she says, as while moving me to a particular spot on the floor. She deftly reaches into a nightstand, and produces a rope and a blindfold, and is soon up on a stool tying one end of the rope to a hook in the ceiling.

“You ever been tied up before?” I shake my head no, both excited and afraid of this force of nature of a woman before me. “OK, if you feel any numbness at all, especially in your hands, let me know immediately, and I will cut you out. This is very important, do NOT try and tough it out..” Her head motions to a knife on the same bedside table, and soon, I have my hands held above my head, and I can move maybe two feet in any direction. And that’s when the blindfold goes on.

“Oooh, I can see what this is doing to you.” And she’s not wrong, I am at full attention, and my nipples are too. Then I feel ten sharp objects tracing themselves across my skin. Of course, I am tied up, and blindfolded, and I can’t see what is happening. But I can sure feel it, especially as the sharp metal traces circles around my nipples. My breath is quick, and I’m sure I’m starting to leak. “Oh, I’m yours,” I let out, followed by a loud moan.

“Oh really? I figured the claws would do it for you, but does that mean that I win this little game?”

Oh, fuck, I had forgotten the game, and also no longer cared. I nod.

“Wow, I’ve barely started with you. Good thing you’re fun. I’m going to have to train you up to last longer next time. You have real potential. But tonight, you’re getting it.”

And oh, I had never wanted it so bad. And she gave it to me. I was sore in ways I didn’t even know were possible the next morning. Every night with her, there was something new that I hadn’t even thought about. I went out shopping, finding and reading every kink book I could find, trying to keep up. Next time, we went back and forth four times until she got me by introducing me to her strap-on. The time after that, we were both being stingy, but I got her to come with the Venus Wand I showed up with, and then she was just begging for more and more. And on and on. I have no idea where this is going to go, but I’ve got the best teacher you could ever want.


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Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley

Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley is a pervy polyamorous polyglot who playfully peppers language and delight around the streets of Austin, Texas. When he is not sharing her dirtier thoughts with you in this space, you can find him advocating for consent culture, volunteering for local alternative communities, bicycling, or finding new ways of dancing. She blows kisses out to anyone reading this.

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