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Seeing Double: Modern Love Making

Seeing Double: Modern Love Making
on March 30, 2018 in Erotica

macho yawning with cup of energetic drink. man holding iron at ironing board. businessmen wearing shirts, jackets and underpants. clothes rack in dressing room. fashion.Wait ‘Till They Hear About My New Roommate at the Office!

“So, Mr. and Ms. Persum, you might be wondering what all of this has been about.”

I had to admit to myself that, yes, I was quite curious as to what was going on. This biotech company gave me $10,000, and then proceeded to biopsy me, brain scan me, take blood samples, semen samples, fuck, samples of every fluid in my body from me, and subject me and Ellen to hours and hours of interviews, and all along, not saying a word. Damn yes, I was wondering what in the everlasting name of fuck this was all about.

“Yes, Dr. Robertson. The thought has crossed our minds.”

“Well, this is probably something that is easier to show you than it is to explain.”

“Well, then why don’t you show me and Ellen what is going on?”

“Very well, then.”

And at that, he opens a door behind his desk, leads us through, and Ellen’s breath stops. So does mine. Lying there in the bed, asleep and stark naked… is me. The me wakes up, startled a bit at our entrance, looks around, and says:

“Oh, hey Leo. This is weird, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s weird.”

“It’s definitely a thing. Well, I’ll let Dr. Robertson explain things to you. He was always just planning this reveal. We’ll talk soon.”

And there I am, blowing a kiss to myself and my wife as the doctor leads the two of us out of the room.

“So, the two of you have probably figured out that we’re a cloning company by now. And that we don’t just do normal cloning, but we recreate full-grown adults. Just like a carbon copy. Memories and everything. Leo II’s memory diverges from yours on January 18, 2018. Everything before that is exactly the same as yours. He should like the same likes as you, remember the same things as you. For all purposes, he should be exactly you.”

“Holy shit… what have you done?”

“We’ve fast-tracked the future. But what would you say to another $10,000?”

“What do we have to do?”

“You say you have an extra room. Take Leo home with you. Interview him. Tell me how he stacks up.”

“How long do we need to have him stay with us?,” Ellen asked.

“Until you feel that you can make a detailed call about how he stacks up.”


Ellen and I exchanged a look, but we could really use the money, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to have a chat with yourself. We agreed.

And a week passed. We settled in. Leo went in for me to work one day, and no one noticed at all. That day, I stayed home and cleaned, and Ellen made it home early.


“You know, Leo, other Leo has been lovely to have around.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

“And I’m just full of joy having two of you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“And we’ve tested nearly everything. Guy’s an exact copy.”

“Yeah, even I think he’s pretty close.”

“But… we haven’t tested EVERYTHING. I know we agreed to be monogamous, but you have to admit, at this point… fucking him would be just like fucking you.”

“Oh, really, Ellen?”

“It’s just, he’s so much like you already… and I’m curious. This could be our last test.”

“Well, if he’s game for this, I’m game… but on one condition – I get to fuck him too. I know he’s attracted to you, and if he’s anything like me, he’s attracted to me, too, and if you fucking him is the same thing as fucking me, then us fucking has to be morally the same thing as masturbating, right?”

Ellen squirmed. She had trapped herself here, not ready for this, but what the fuck, it was all so exciting.

“Sure, let’s ask him when he gets home.”

A little later, Leo walked in the door, and there we were sitting on the couch, a-titter.

“We have something to ask you, Leo.”

“Yes, let’s do it.”

“What, you dont’ know what you’re going to ask you?”

“Of course I do. Ellen is biting the corner of her lip and has wide eyes the way she does when she’s super horny, and you’re jiggling in your chair. I know you’ve always wanted to fuck yourself, and I know that the two of you had some nervous ‘does clone-man count as a monogamy exception’ chat, and now you’re sitting here like this. So, let’s spare the awkward and let’s fuck.”

“God, it is like there’s two of you,” Ellen said.

“And we all agree to ground rules of ‘anything goes, but what happens tonight stays with tonight?’” I said. I see three nodding heads, and soon, I’m throwing my shirt off of my back.

And with that, Ellen’s mouth is locked on Leo’s. I’m running one hand up her back and another up his chest. He unlocks from her lips to throw himself at me. His hand gently grips my hair as his tongue presses into my mouth. It’s firmer and deeper than what Ellen would do so early, but this anticipation had me already delirious at the thought of this encounter, and rather than be rebuffed at the strong advance, I return it stronger. I look down to see Ellen biting at his neck, just the way that she knows that I like it, and the sight just spurs more blood into my cock.

My hands unzip his jeans as Ellen attends to his neck. She is lowering her own pants and underwear down.

“Ellen, I believe you probably need a bit more warming up?” I say.

She nods.

“Leo, please lay down.”

He does. Ellen, not one to take her time in such a situation quickly lowers herself down on his face. I take the chance to take Leo’s cock into my mouth. It’s already feeling a bit of excitement at all of this, but Leo could use some help, too. And I have to say, watching my wife’s ass bouncing up and down on my own face may be one of the most glorious sights I’ve ever seen. She’s already starting to moan when my ministrations cause him to begin to moan in turn, which sets her even further off. He’s now rock hard and straining the edge of what my out-of-practice mouth can handle. Right as she hits her climax, I find that I’ve also earned my reward. I am now horny beyond belief and ask Ellen if she’s ready to have me inside her.

“Yes, fuck me Leo. And other Leo, come here. I bet my husband doesn’t know how to clean a cock off.”

And here I go again, fucking Ellen wildly as I watch her, basically attending to myself.

This cycle continues all night – one of the three of us climaxes, and needs a break, the other two go to town, which recharges the person “taking a break.” We reach the morning just all smelling of sex and each other.

We call Dr. Robinson. “Hey, he’s a prefect copy, all right. And he’s decided he’s staying right with us. Keep your fucking $20,000, we’ll find a way to cover it. Go to hell with your surprise cloning! Leo II is a person, after all, and he should get to decide what he wants!” We hang up the phone before even listening for a response.”



Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley

Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley is a pervy polyamorous polyglot who playfully peppers language and delight around the streets of Austin, Texas. When he is not sharing her dirtier thoughts with you in this space, you can find him advocating for consent culture, volunteering for local alternative communities, bicycling, or finding new ways of dancing. She blows kisses out to anyone reading this.

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