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Put a Cork In It

Put a Cork In It
on February 9, 2018 in Erotica

“Serge, this is going to be so fun,” Eddie said as he took the blindfold off of his boyfriend.

“I don’t know, Eddie.”

“Oh, come on, it’s going to be a delight!”

“But what if someone figures it out!?”

“Oh, come on, people won’t figure this out. Hell, most people wouldn’t even get it if it were explained to them in plain English. They aren’t about to start asking questions about what is up your butt!”

“When you put it that way…”

“Hell yes! And, you only have to keep it up for the duration of the challenge, and then you can stop!”

“Ok, fine. Whatever. Though, you still haven’t said what the challenge is. How does this thing work again?”

“It’s easy Serge, plug goes in. We turn your phone on and pair it to your fitness tracker. Your heart rate goes up, the plug starts vibrating. The more your heart rate goes up, the more it vibes. It hits a peak, the thing turns off for a few seconds. The bet is that you can make it 30 minutes without anyone knowing. Then you get your reward! So, are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

“I hope you are, sexy. This is going to be so fucking fun to watch.”

Eddie kissed Sergio gently on the cheek and then on the lips, and handed the plug to him. It was somewhat unassuming, which was good if it was going to stay in and hidden that long — just a sleek metal design, with the usual flare-out, with one exposed button and an indicator light. Sergio gave Eddie his phone, and Eddie went to syncing all of the items and pressed the button on the plug, and handed it all back to Sergio.

“Your turn, love.”

Sergio went into the bathroom, and put on his fitness tracker. He then went and dropped his pants, making sure to apply copious amounts of lube to both the toy and to his ass. Things were going to have to be able to slide around there for quite a while.

Eddie, ever the tease, sat outside the bathroom, waiting. When he heard the door open, he let out a big “BOO.”

Buzz, Buzz

Sergio moaned, his knees buckled a little bit.

“That’s not how you’re going to avoid getting caught, Serge. Gotta be aware.”

“Oh, you’re going to hear about this later.”

“Maybe, but for now, you better not get too excited.”

“Where are we, anyway? I shouldn’t have agreed to a blindfold on the way here.”

The two turned the corner, holding hands, to see, in bold letters:


“You bastard! You’re doing this in a haunted house!?”

And a buzzing started prodding Sergio from behind, as he bit his lip trying to maintain composure, not ready for the sudden wave of pleasure. OK, frustration and anger need to be kept on top of, too.

“Cat got your tongue, Serge?”

“Just… surprised. You know….how much I am interested…in haunted houses”.

Eddie quickly walked up to the counter. “Two please! I want to get started getting into the bottom of this tower!”

“Yes, let’s get going. Quickly,” Sergio was not interested in dawdling here.

“Oh, come on, don’t need to be such a tightass about it. Let’s have some fun!” With that, in they went. Through the first door, the room was dark. There were faint mists of smoke machine smoke floating through the room. Sergio just then noticed how many damn people there were.  He was wildly aware of the metal piece sitting in his butt, and the day was just starting. The whole thing was beginning to make him nervous, and right on cue, he felt the buzzing start. No one seemed to notice. If he could just stay focused, it’d be ok. But fuck, it felt good.

Eddie pointed at the floating ghoul walking by. “That thing looks silly.” Serge nodded. Focusing on one foot in front of the other. This wasn’t bad. He could do this. They worked their way through the crowd. This was more creepy than scary. It was fine. They turned a corner into the next room, though, and a figure visible only in the blacklight sprinted full-speed toward them, screaming. The crowd let out a gasp. Serge did too, but his was followed by a second gasp, and desperate biting of his tongue as his knees buckled. That thing was going at him good. Some college student next to him asked,

“Are you alright?  Need any help?”

All Sergio could do is shake his head no, and Eddie “helpfully” interceded.

“It’s ok, my boyfriend is REAL clumsy.”

Dirty looks aside, Serge got his footing, and on they went. Of course, the jump takes came on in increasing frequency and from increasing directions. And the plug just relentlessly continued it’s campaign of buzzing. Sergio didn’t understand how they couldn’t hear it. Maybe they could, and thought it was part of the show. Maybe it was just that his whole world was buzzing at this point, as the pressure spread through his prostate into his cock and his legs and his belly. He could still focus on the world, but it was harder and harder to not just see his lust building and growing. His heart rate wasn’t going back down much at this point, which meant that the assault on him was not really subsiding. And every time he thought he had a handle on it, some new werewolf bit at him, and he had to choke back another orgasm. And what was worse was Eddie’s laughing eyes.

“Good job here! You’re nowhere near as afraid as you usually are in these things.”

“Yes, I’m having quite the time.”

Right at that moment, the floor fell through a vertical drop. Time stopped. Sergio’s heart pounded, and right then, there was no holding back. He came, desperately biting his lip and hoping no one was watching but Eddie, and mercifully, his heart got too high for the plug, and a break was had. And then, the place lit up, and the exit was shown. The college student kind of gave them this look like they were space aliens as Eddie held Sergio close, leading him out of the Tower of Horrors. They stopped at the bathroom and Sergio went and undid the plug.

“Well, Eddie, I have to say that I think I passed your test.”

“Yes. I thought that college student was going to get your number, but she just seemed to think you were weird.”

“You know what this means.”

“Yes, you win.”

“And yes, I’m so horny I could break after that. I am getting my reward — I am going to take you home, tie you up, and just fuck you till I fall over.”

“Yes you are, love. And you’ve earned it. And so have I.”



Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley

Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley is a pervy polyamorous polyglot who playfully peppers language and delight around the streets of Austin, Texas. When he is not sharing her dirtier thoughts with you in this space, you can find him advocating for consent culture, volunteering for local alternative communities, bicycling, or finding new ways of dancing. She blows kisses out to anyone reading this.

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