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Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown by Michele E. Gwynn
on October 24, 2016 in Erotica

Exposed - EroticaAnthony gently took her hands away, observing the small bit of satin and lace slip off her perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples stood erect, tiny rose-colored nipples that begged to be sucked. His hands cupped beneath her breasts, feeling their weight. He leaned in, wrapping his arms around her back and lifting her off her feet. He climbed onto the bed and laid her down in the center.

Sarah felt overwhelmed. She watched as this Greek God of a man treated her with a gentleness she didn’t expect. She was glad. It suddenly hit her that he would soon be inside of her, and all her fantasies had not prepared her for the reality of being impaled on a man’s cock, much less one the size of Anthony’s. She was a little afraid and a lot turned on. Her mind might be anxious, but her body was restless, unconsciously lifting her hips to meet his. She reached to pull him to her, but he grasped her wrists and pulled them above her head, pinning them down.

“Patience, baby. We’ll get to that, but right now it’s my turn to taste you.”

The implication of his words caused a wave of heat to wash over her. She was so wet, so ready that she didn’t know if she would be able to wait. He held her wrists with one hand while he kissed her deeply. He robbed her of breath with each sweep of his tongue. His free hand ran up her ribs to capture her breast. That strong hand squeezed and caressed. Nimble fingers rolled her hard nipple between their tips, thumb rubbing across the peak keeping time with every thrust of his tongue. Sarah arched her back and moaned into Anthony’s mouth. He replied by leaving her lips to trail hot, wet kisses down her neck, over her chest, and finally replacing his fingers on her breast with his mouth. He sucked hard, nipped the peak with his teeth, then laved with lips and tongue. Sarah was so achy and swollen that she longed for him to satisfy that untouched part of her. Again, she ground her hips up, rubbing her satin-covered mound against his hardened prick. Anthony swiveled, his hips showing restraint as he only barely allowed his cock to caress between Sarah’s legs. He tried not to smile, knowing her frustration, but wanting to drive her crazy with desire. His lips moved to attend to her other sweet nub where he showed equal attention, making her writhe. He felt her body tremble beneath his. He fought the urge to rip off her panties and plunge balls-deep inside what he was sure would be the tightest, sweetest, snuggest fit he ever experienced.

“Please, Anthony,” Sarah begged.

“Please what, baby?” Anthony’s hands slid down over her arms, releasing her wrists. His mouth traveled lower, kissing and licking her flat stomach. He held her hips as his nose tickled along the top of her red lace panties. He could smell the aroma of her sex rising off of her, clouding his senses. He grabbed at the scrap of lace with his teeth, pulling it down. His hands helped, slipping the panties over Sarah’s thighs, past her knees as his lips rained kissed over the smooth skin. He yanked them over her feet and dropped them unceremoniously to the floor. He circled her ankles with his strong hands, spreading her legs wide. His eyes beheld the feast of naked beauty spread before him. She was bare of any hair. Drops of moisture beaded along her nether lips, glistening like dew on a spring morning. Leaning down, Anthony ran his fingertips up and down her thighs, beginning at the outside and moving to her inner thighs.

He watched Sarah’s eyes darken in their intensity and flutter closed. Her lips parted and she breathed in short pants. The sight of her open, aroused, and ready for him, made his cock tighten painfully, but he held on to the last of his control and reached his hands beneath her lovely ass, lifting her to his mouth. He plunged his tongue deep into her wetness and felt her shudder as he had longed to make her shudder earlier. She tasted like sex, woman, and strawberries. God, she tastes fucking incredible! Anthony lapped at her, feeling her thighs tighten around his head. He flicked her hard nub back and forth. He placed one hand over her stomach and felt her abdominal muscles spasm and tighten each time his tongue tweaked that sensitive spot.

“Ohhh! Anthony, please, please, please!” In answer, he sucked hard on her clitoris and inserted two fingers inside her tight opening. Caressing her inner walls he licked harder, rolling his tongue in a way he knew pleased the ladies.

Sarah felt tension coil. Her whole body was like a taught rope stretched to its limits. She was about to snap. She reached down and grasped his soft hair in her fingers, tugging while thrusting her hips against his magical mouth. Waves built, rising higher until she exploded. Anthony felt her tummy tighten and rhythmically licked her, swallowing her sweetness while alternately sucking her orgasm into himself, tasting all that was good about this lovely woman.

Panting heavily, Sarah lay still. Her body still felt needy. Anthony leaned over the side of the bed, fumbling in the back pocket of his shorts to pull a condom out of his wallet. He came back up, sitting on his knees between her lax thighs. He ripped the package open with his teeth, placed the condom over his erection and rolled it down. She watched him the entire time, lips parted, legs spread.

Anthony leaned on one hand over her, and used the other to guide himself to her opening. He began sliding inside, discovering she was tighter than he imagined.

He put both elbows on either side of her head and bent down to kiss her. “Relax, baby.”

“Anthony…” Sarah started to warn him about her virginity, but was cut off by his lips claiming hers. She felt stretched with every inch of ground he gained, and she tried to do as he bid and relax. It would all be over within a moment.

“Sweet Jesus, you feel so good,” he whispered against her lips. He suddenly thrust deep, breaking through a barrier he was not aware was there until he felt it rip. “What the hell?” Anthony came up on his elbows and looked down at Sarah’s face. His wide eyes mirrored hers. “You’re a virgin?”

Sarah bit her lower lip, one small tear escaping her eye as the last of the discomfort ebbed away. “Yes. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

The sight of that tear, and her obvious discomfort moved Anthony. He’d never been anyone’s first before. He made a point of avoiding virgins, preferring women with experience. He didn’t like the complications that a virgin brought to the equation. They usually got clingy fast, expecting far more than he was willing to give. But amid her confusion and discomfort was a strange hint of bravery. This rare woman, who’d just lost her mother, and had traveled halfway around the world, had chosen him, bastard that he was, to be her first. He damn well would make it as good for her as he could, despite the fact that he’d just bore down into her like a clumsy fuck.

“Shhh. It’s okay.” Anthony gently kissed her lips once, twice, and over again. He caressed her face, while dropping kisses over her cheeks, her eyes, tasting that one tear before returning to her lips.

Sarah felt warmth spread over her at his gentleness. He was embedded deep within her but unmoving. His fingers began to massage her scalp as his kisses deepened. It felt good. His tongue teased hers and she lifted her hips a little. Anthony felt her begin to respond again. He pulled back a few inches, praying for control to make this good for her. As he pulled away, Sarah felt a loss and pushed her hips forward. He pulled back again and began slowly thrusting in and out, swiveling a little. Heat filtered through her thighs, relaxing her body and filling her with a new, aching need. She matched his thrusts, getting bolder. Her arms snaked around his broad shoulders and her lips sought out his jaw, neck, and chest. She liked the taste of his skin. She loved the catch in his breathing when she did something that felt good for him.

The pain she first felt when he burst through her virgin skin was now replaced by an amazing feeling of being filled, impaled upon that big, hard cock. It was a hundred times better than anything she’d ever read about. Each time he pulled back and thrust deep, she drifted higher. Each time his hot shaft stroked her tight, slick walls, she lost her mind a little more. This feels so good. Oh, God! Sarah wrapped her legs around his lower back. Anthony slid one hand beneath her bottom and thrust even deeper.

Fuck me, he thought. I’m not going to last much longer. Sarah sank her fingernails into his back, arching herself and rubbing her breasts against his chest. Anthony’s mouth angled down and caught a nipple, sucking hard. The pleasure-pain combined with his cock thrusting inside her brought that familiar tension back. Her walls tightened, straining, rubbing, and grinding against him. He continued sucking her nipple with his mouth, pumping harder and harder.

“Anthony! Oh my God!” Sarah came hard, her whole body shuddering from deep within.

Anthony felt her tighten around his cock and he couldn’t hold back any longer. With one last, deep thrust, he shot his load, rearing his head back, and arching his body. The pleasure was intense, wracking him several times before he collapsed on top of her.

They lay entwined, panting. Sarah smiled like a Cheshire cat. She was happy. She had finally had sex, good sex! Well, she didn’t have anything, really, to compare it to besides her brief, ‘almost’ encounter with the sales woman at Victoria’s Secret, but that wasn’t really the same thing. This was what she’d always wanted—a nice, sexy, incredible man to gently initiate her body into the ways of love. He was still buried inside her, albeit much smaller now. Still, she cherished the connection and hoped he wouldn’t be in any hurry to move just yet.

Anthony lay thinking. A virgin. Son of a bitch. Now what?

(The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series Book I)
By Michele E. Gwynn
Excerpt:  Chapter 4 – Girl meets Sexy Man-Candy

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