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A Divine Life – Book Two of The Divine Trilogy
on June 20, 2016 in Erotica


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Jayden held his breath, but began to let it out in slow increments when Erin’s tiny hand threaded into his hair. Her nails scratched at his scalp, and it felt so good.

“Jayden?” Her voice was soft. “Look at me, please,” she requested.

With caution and uncertainty, he raised his eyes up to her, nervous about what he’d see looking back at him. Her eyes were gentle, and her lips curved upward in a small smile.

“There you are,” she cooed. “Jayden, what are you ashamed of, A rúnsearc? I helped Micah suck you off just this morning. I know you play with him. Even if Shawn had touched you as well, isn’t that your prerogative? I en-tered this relationship with you knowing it wasn’t just me in your bed, so to speak.” Erin kissed his forehead in what he assumed was a gesture of acceptance.

Erin was too good to be real; but she was real. Yet again, she had managed to catch him off guard with her ability to reason and see beyond the bare facts.

“Oh, Erin, thank you!” A dry, relieved sob escaped him. “It’s just that—well, I have another confession.”

“Go on, then. If we’re going to make this work, we can’t stop communicating now. Whether you are Jayden or Master shouldn’t have an impact on our honesty with one another.”

He sucked in a breath and let it out, his lips rippling with the motion. She was right; truth and honesty had to be their cornerstones. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last couple of weeks, and I’ve decided that you are the only one I want in my bed, the one I need.”

Her bright smile encouraged him.

“I’ve made other arrangements for Samantha. I mean, she’s still going to be my secretary, but that’s it now. And as I’ve just explained, Micah will still be my personal assistant and driver, but his needs are going to be met by Shawn.”

“So what’s the problem then?” Erin asked, furrowing her forehead.

“I just feel weak for giving in so soon after cutting my ties with them, like I let you down, and can’t be good enough for you.”

“Jayden Matthew Masterson,” she barked at him, “don’t you ever say you aren’t good enough for me! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Nothing more needed to be said; Jayden rushed at his jewel and covered her mouth with his own. There was a vague awareness that his clothes were becoming saturated while he climbed into the tub with her. She was pawing at his shirt, trying to push it up his abs, so Jayden jerked back long enough to rip it over his head and throw it onto the bathroom floor before he was burying his tongue in her mouth once again. Her nipples were like diamonds where they pushed against his chest, and he swallowed her moans with eagerness.

“Please, Jayden, take me! I need to feel you inside me.” She bit her lower lip in an enticing move calculated to seduce.

His lips had been running over her neck when her words snapped him to attention. “Erin, love, you’ve got to be sore. I―I don’t want to say no, but I’m afraid of hurt-ing you. You need some recovery time, sweet girl.” He tried to kiss away her pout.

Her eyes were fiery, and he could tell her mind was whirling, trying to find a way to get what she wanted. As soon as she smiled, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to say no.

“Jayden, you’re right.” She shrugged.

What? That’s all she’s got?

“But you do realize that the place where I want to feel you hasn’t been touched today? Not much, anyway. Please, Jayden. You can go slow if you want.”

The batting eyelashes would get him every time. “Erin,” he whined.

There was a glimpse of a smug smile on her beautiful face before she tucked her nose in behind his ear to kiss that soft spot—the one that felt sinful.

Jayden groaned when her hot breath whispered over his ear, “I can feel that you want me, too.” Damn capricious cock had its own agenda, no matter what his more sensible head wanted to enforce.

Well, he had told Erin she was welcome to anything in his home. Jayden bolted upright, the abrupt movement sending water cascading down his body to splash all over her. Erin squealed and tried to cover her face while she bubbled with laughter, but all the man noticed was the way her breasts were pushed together by her arms. The sight spurred him to work faster at releasing the button and zip-per on his jeans.

She continued to laugh while Jayden fought to peel the wet denim from his body and avoid falling on top of her—not an easy feat. Trying to balance in a bathtub and wrestle wet denim was not something he would recommend. After what seemed an eternity, during which Jayden almost fell twice, he got the last inch of material worked off his foot and couldn’t resist a proud “Ta-Da!” while he stood before her with his cock standing firm and upright only inches from her face.

Erin giggled again and clapped. “Bravo! Bravo, A rúnsearc!”

All coherent thought left Jayden when she closed the distance and slid her hot, little mouth over his wet dick.

“Fuck, Erin!” he hissed out in surprise.

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Surreal (Book Three of The Divine Trilogy) ~not yet released; expected 2014.

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