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Sex can (and should) be many things–but it should NEVER be boring. With our wide variety of titillating treats, provocative games, risqué gifts, and an exhaustive selection of the most satisfying sex toys on the planet, our erotic products will help get your creative juices flowing and open the doors to a new world of pleasure. You can start slowly with some naughty or nice lingerie, submerge yourself in good clean fun with sex toys built for the shower, or take a positively penetrating approach with the best anal sex toys and beginner BDSM accoutrements on the market. We’re here to fuel your imagination so you can embrace your passion!

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Whether you are a newbie dipping your toes into the world of kinky delights, searching for new experiences in self-pleasure, want to give a little joyful boost to sultry situations with your partner(s), or even if you are carnally courageous and you are looking to add new ideas and items to your extensive collection, you’ve come to the right place for online sex toys and inspiration. Adding new elements to stimulate your interactions is a great way to spice things up, connect between the sheets, and uncover desires you were too timid to explore before. Shopping has never been so rewarding!

We Aim to Please, Over and Over and Over Again…

It’s normal, and healthy, to want to do a little tantalizing “research” to discover what tickles your fancy. Whether by reading up on how-to techniques, watching what other people’s real life desires are, or indulging in a little erotica, help bring to light the things you’ve always been curious about by delving into our lascivious library of information found in our Sex Talk blog and our O’s Exposed video series.

Learn a Little, Love a Little

Although we carry the best anal sex toys, you might struggle with how to get started exploring anal play. You may have always been intrigued with BDSM sex toys and equipment, but you might not know how to bring it up, or proceed in a safe and respectful manner. Great sex begins with great information and communication. You don’t want to dive deep into something new without making sure you, and any partner(s), have a good understanding of how to do it correctly and well; key ingredients in order to maximize the pleasure for everyone involved. The sex positive community is very important to us, and we’re dedicated to promoting valuable information and inspiration to get you on the right track.